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We were "decorated" upon arrival.

Even Tom got an orange mark on his forehead.

Our Bungalow across the India Pond.

A very spacious room.

Walking to the beach.

The beach.

They also had a large pool.

The palm tree reflecting in the India Pond.

The unique outdoor bathroom.

This is St. Augustine Church where the chanting continued all day October...

Matthew was waiting for us with the car, and we took a relatively short drive to our next stop, Marari Beach Resort. This is a big place, very spread out, with an amazing beach - long, wide, white sand on the Indian Ocean (called the Arabian Sea here - must depend on your perspective). Everyone is in an individual bungalow, and ours is on a pond. We have another outdoor bathroom, better than the one at Coconut Lagoon, and a very comfortable bed. Anne was so exhausted by the wonderful houseboat day that she fell right asleep in bed and took lots of naps. As she awoke from one nap, she suddenly remembered that she had left the two shirts under the pillow on the houseboat. We called Mr. Kumar. He called back in awhile and said they did find them and would deliver them to our room here in the morning.

We walked down to the beach at lunchtime - it was oppressively hot - and then to the restaurant for another chicken sandwich. Then it was back to our unit for more rest and dinner. The buffet here has precious little food we can eat. Tom ordered chicken from the a la carte menu, and Anne tried the buffet without much success. There were many more people here than at the previous places, and the restaurant service was slower.

There is some kind of Catholic Church (Saint Augustine) nearby (there are five different types of Catholic here including some Orthodox) - we don't know which one this it, but the priest was chanting all afternoon and into the evening over a loudspeaker which we could really hear in our outdoor bathroom. Maybe it has something to do with the eve of All Saint's day or something - but did they have to use a loudspeaker? It stopped by the time we came back from dinner. We had a great night's sleep.

Saturday might be the last morning we could sleep "late" for a long time, so we did. Now the nuns and women of the Church were singing, but no loudspeaker. Breakfast was reasonable, and when we got back to the room, a man arrived with boxes to take away all the alcoholic beverages from our mini-bar. We had seen a sign in the dining room that warned everyone that in the state of Kerala, the first day of each month is "dry", and they mean it! Sort a token to the "Carrie Nation's" of the state?

It rained during the night (most of the bathroom is covered), and today is cloudy - we were glad we could see the beach yesterday in the blue-sky sunshine. Today is a day to relax and enjoy the day off.

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