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Easy mac

First glimpses of snow
























































In Jindabyne - Angie's Italian Restaurant

Jindabyne Lake

Joely surfing

Joshua surfing

The ski lift


JOSH: Today I saw snow. If I had to say 1 word I would say "BRILLIANT!" I LOVE IT! We got to the snow on the Kosciuszko Express (chair lift). On the chair lift Mum freaked out.

On the top of the mountain I could see a good view. Well, not that much because it was foggy. It was really COLD. I don't know what it smelt like because I had a blocked nose. It was (for me) easy to walk on. Noone else could walk on it. I had a race with Mum. I won...of course.

Dad made a snowman. It had Dad's hanky for an Indian. Dad's hanky is buried in the snow 'cause I put it in the snow. I had a snowfight. I got everyone else. I got Joel first.

The funnest thing we did was using a plastic bag as a ski (I invented it).I RRRRRREEEEEAAAAAALLLLLYYYYYY loved it!

ANG: This was so much fun. Not too cold - though layers and layers of clothes helped. Josh wore thermals, pjs, jeans and top, jumper and jacket. It was a surprise to see the snow as we approached. We doubted our eyes and had to ask as we entered the park but still didn't really believe even as we got closer and closer on the chairlift. Only as we walked towards it were we sure and then we threw ourselves around, throwing snowballs and falling over every couple of seconds.

The plastic bag was a stroke of genius - and I know Josh says it was his stroke of genius, but hmmmm - maybe not. When we took off at first it was a bit slow, but a bit of momentum down and it was a real goer!

We took a little walk higher and there were really magnificent views. After we returned to Thredbo we had another round trip on the chairlift. All in all a fantastic reason to miss The Melbourne Cup. At the time it was run we were standing on Mount Kosciuszko - literally on top of Australia (well, was a bit late for us to walk to the peak, but we were definately on the 'Mountain'):):):):)

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