Chuck & Kay's 2nd Escape: New England Fall 2008 travel blog

Kansas Salt Museum, Burlington, KS

650 ft below on the tram

Digging for road salt for this winter

Our own little piece of Kansas

Superman's suit in safe storage in the mine

... and Batman

... and Men in Black

Our old, familiar campsite in Burlington

... at the Kit Carson Carousel Fairground

Saturday, November 1, 2008 Burlington, COLORADO!!!!

We had a very quiet night of sleep there in the middle of nowhere in Kansas. Actually, we were just about 20 miles to the east of Hutchinson where there is a Salt Mine that has been in business since the 1920’s. We called about a tour reservation and were told that they had tours leaving every 20 minutes. So…we stopped for Diesel…$2.89/gal (a record low so far!) and arrived with about 5 minutes till the next tour. It was not quite like the Salt Mine in Salzburg, Germany that we took when we lived in England back in the 80’s, but it was very well done and quite informative and interesting. We were even able to pick up some salt rocks to bring home…grandchildren items! We finally were on the road just after noon and headed northwest toward I-70 and our straight line to Denver!

We hopped on the Interstate at Hays, Kansas where we filled up with Diesel…$2.84/gal!!!! This is GOOD! We also could not pass the Dairy Queen without a “quickie” stop for a Peanut Buster Parfait…just to keep us going till we arrived in Burlington, Colorado for our last night on the road and this wonderful trip. We stayed in Burlington as couple of years ago when we attended a weekend of a Gospel Grass Festival. We will stay at the Fairgrounds which is several miles north of I-70 so we will have the quiet of this quaint little town.

We are almost to Colby, Kansas. I just figured that by the time we arrived home we will have traveled approximately 7,700 miles since September 3, 2008…our Alaska trip was a total of 8,738 miles! We have been very blessed to have journeyed these many miles without any accident or truck trouble. God has been most faithful and gracious.

We have yet to stay in any Wal Mart lot…maybe next summer! Our closest such venue was the Fred Meyer lot in Soldatna, Alaska

For any of you who are even thinking of packing up and taking off across this vast and beautiful country…just do it. It is such a country of variety. Words truly do not express the beauty of the land and of the people we have been privileged to see and to meet. It has been a truly awesome experience. But…am I anxious to get home…you betcha!...I have grandchildren I need to hug and love on!!!!

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