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A misty morning

A marsh with birds

Early morning reflection

Snake bird

A heron

Taking off

A blue bird

A whole flock of ducks

In the butterfly garden

A brown butterfly - the blue ones were elusive

Ready to go on to our next destination

A warm good-by

We slept well, and Tom has moved on to a hard-boiled egg, Jello, etc. We got up early this morning to go on a bird sanctuary one-hour trip in a boat from the resort. The bird sanctuary is right next door. There was a naturalist on board, and only five passengers at that hour. It was lovely to be out on a boat in the swampy lake by the resort, seeing other boats gliding by in the distance. We did see several birds, and enjoyed the scenery. After about a half-hour, we stopped and walked for awhile and the boat picked us up in a different spot. Anne had breakfast at the dining room afterwards, and brought Tom back a hard-boiled egg.

Tom captured some images of butterflies and flowers on the property. He also met a Distance Learning expert from Bristol, England - not far from our friends, the Claydons who live in Somerset.

Today has seemed leisurely. It is humid and hot, but doesn't feel too oppressive. As we said earlier, resorts are nothing more than an illusion - there will always be some annoyances like the hard beds, the lawn mower outside, five noisy Indian children moving in next door sounding like a herd of elephants, and the hot water being very scarce in the shower. (We are hardened to THAT already!) It is time to move on - two days in one place gets boring and we start to find the flaws.

We also realized that we are halfway through this entire Indian journey today. We have learned some ways to cope and how to insist on a chicken sandwich if nothing else looks good.

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