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This is a wildlife tour on a boat. Hope that's not our...

The boat was crowded.

We left about on time for the Periyar wildlife preserve.

This stag was guarding the herd.

There were many deer grazing at the end of the day.

Wild boar came to get a drink.

Birds made nests in the remnants of trees in this 100 year-old...

Three birds.

This is a "snake bird" because of its long neck and how...

Their wings need to dry after a dive for food.

There were many boats on the lake.

We ended the adventure just at sunset.

We had a good night's sleep, although Tom needed Imodium in the night, and is feeling weak and tired. Fortunately, today is a quiet day, spent here, and he can nap and rejuvenate. We have been going at a frantic pace for several days, so this is really great to be able to slow down today. We intended this to be our R&R week after Global Volunteers and before Classic Journeys. A flock of guinea fowl went gobbling behind our bungalow this morning. The temperature is very pleasant too, low 70s - a nice break before going down to the more sultry areas tomorrow - plus there is no rain here, nice and sunny.

We did not do much during the day except relax, but at 3:30 our driver picked us for a frantic drive to the boat ride inside the wildlife refuge. First, our driver had to get out of the car and wait in a long line to get an entrance ticket to the park. Then, we had to battle heavily congested traffic to get through the entrance gate, followed by a long and bumpy drive to the boat landing. But then, our driver had to also pick up our pre-arranged tickets and a ticket to use a camera there! Finally, we ran down a dirt path and boarded the boat, where we found that we had an elite upper-deck ticket. The boat was packed, but we found seats, and after a minute, the boat departed. It was a lovely, relaxing and surprisingly quiet time with no loudspeakers. There was a naturalist who walked around and pointed out animals such as deer, boar, and bison. There were also some snakebirds and kingfisher birds. There were no elephants, but we had seen some the previous day, so were happy.

After returning to our hotel, we had dinner. Tom is not over his stomach problems, so he had cheese & pasta, and Anne hunted through the buffet for enough edibles. We do not like or get along with the South Indian cooking - it is very, very spicy, if you are not careful with your selection. We are on what we call the "Indian Weight Loss Plan."

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