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Day 8 - Sinai/Dahab - Sunday, Nov. 2

Around 1am we arrived at the bottom of Mt. Sinai (where Moses supposedly received the 10 Commandments). After we got off the bus we split into 2 groups - hikers and camels (Kathleen and I chose the camels). We rode the camels for about an hour or so up the mountain. It was so beautiful again. It was so dark and the stars were so bright, and shooting stars everywhere again. Eventually we met up with the hiking part of the group and hiked the rest of the way to to top. We got there about 2 hours before sunrise so everyone rented blankets or used the sleeping bags they had, cuddled all close together and somehow managed to fall to sleep for an hour or so.

The sunrise was beautiful, kind of similar to Haleakala on Maui. After the sun was up we hiked down for about 2 hours before once again boarding the bus. We had to wait awhile because one girl, who has been really sick, had trouble getting down. They ended up putting her on a camel but she threw-up on it and the camel people got mad and made her walk. Eventually she made it back and went right to sleep on the bus (as did everyone else). This was the 6th sunrise I have seen in the last 7 days. (Maybe this gives you an idea about how much sleep we have been getting)

We arrived at our hotel (I should say oasis) in Dahab a couple hours later. It was funny to watch everyones faces as they walked in. Everyone was so dirty, tired and beaten down just dragging in their bags until they saw our hotel. It is amazing! Service by the pool, massages for about $10 American, right on the beach.... paradise!!! Their faces went from "kill me" to huge smiles of amazement! We have been staying in such nasty hotels, paying for bathrooms everywhere we went and having to pillage for toilet paper wherever we could find it, it was such a nice surprise!

Once we all checked in everyone ate lunch by the pool and then crashed for a couple hours. We went into the town that night for dinner together and to celebrate one of the girls 30th birthdays. Dinner was really good. Some people went out later to a club but a lot went back to the hotel to crash (myself included). A lot of the group has still got rumblies in their tummies, so sleep and rest was much needed - especially after a big dinner!

So here we are today (Monday, Nov. 3) Some of the group went diving this morning but the rest of us are just going to hang by the pool and rest for the day until about 3pm when we are going on quad bikes through the mountains!!

Now you are all updated on the Egypt adventure to this point. We have a couple more days here in Dahab with plenty of fun activities planned. Kathleen and I leave Wed. night on an overnight bus back to Cairo so we can catch our plane for our next adventure in Tanzania!

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