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Day 5 & 6 - Luxor - Thursday & Friday, Oct. 30 & 31

During the next 2 days more than half of our group had gotten sick in one way or another. It had to have been something we ate on the boat but no one can figure out exactly what it was. Either way everyone carried on and popped Imodium like it was candy.

The first day in Luxor we went to a couple temples that had tons or statues, carvings and paintings. I dont really recall too much other than that since I was pretty woozy at this point. I know it was beautiful and I took a lot of pictures, but I cant tell you much more. Sorry! Our first night in Luxor was the last night our whole group would be together since the 9 day tour would be leaving to go back to Cairo the next day. So we all went out to dinner at this really nice restuarant that gave us a crazy discount for being part of the tour. We got a 4 course meal for about $9 American dollars. At this point everyone pretty much said screw it and ate what they wanted cuz our stomachs were upset no matter what we did - eat or not eat. So we enjoyed our meals!

The next day morning those who chose to pay for another option woke up at 4am to go hotair ballooning for sunrise. It was so great. We flew for about 50 minutes over tons of ancient sites and there were other balloons all around us too. We landed in the middle of some farm fields where they started playing drums and singing and dancing again. A bunch of local kids came up and begged for whatever we had to give them but we were told not to give them anything (I gave one my breakfast box later on though) - I felt bad just wasting it since I wasnt going to eat it anyways.

Later that morning (around 8am) we went to Deir al-Madina, which is another temple that is carved right into the mountainside. It was so hot already that we didnt stay there too long. We then went to Valley of the Kings where we went to 3 different tombs. They were really interesting but REALLY hot inside. The carvings and colors were really well preserved though, which was amazing to see. The Valley of the Kings is also where King Tuts tomb is and it is the only tomb that was found to be undisturbed and with all the treasures inside (which are all at the museam in Cairo now). Of course you had to pay extra for this tomb and I opted out of that since all the tombs basically looked the same and it was sooooo hot.

After that we headed back to the hotel and had about 4 hours of free time. I opted to get something to eat and then pass out since I still wasnt feeling so great. That evening around 5 we boarded a bus for about 4 hours til we arrived at a hotel in some other city along the east coast of Egypt. We were advised not to even shower here since the water was so bad. Luckily, we only stayed the night and left around 10 the next morning.

Day 7 - On a bus to Sinai - Sat. Nov, 1

We spent all of Sat. on the bus stopping every 2 hours or so for a bathroom since there wasnt one of the bus and more than half the bus was still sick (myself and Kathleen included). Nothing much to report about this day... just read, slept, watched movies, slept some more, bathroom breaks... yeah, thats about it.

Mt. Sinai in the next entry!

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