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Capitol Building at Topeka, Kansas

Native American shooting towards the North Star

The Pioneer Woman

Abe Lincoln

Broader view of the capitol at Topeka, Kansas

From entry to exit Kansas was a difficult state. All kinds of history contribute to this heavier than usual spiritual warfare; John Brown of Harper's Ferry infamy, Brown vs. the Topeka Board of Education, Gerald Ford addressing 12,000 people on the capitol steps; a 1966 tornado hurled a car into the capitol dome. But there is also something more in this heartland state, as with all the capitols the Masons are very prominent. The majority of state capitols have cornerstones placed by the Masons, in Topeka the capitol had no obvious Masonic cornerstone (a large portion of the capitol was unaccessible due to an extensive 6 million dollar remodeling/refurbishing project), but there was a Masonic temple directly across the street from the capitol. We believe this secret society partakes in activities that honor and give glory to one other than YHVH of heaven and earth. These non-YHVH honoring activities are not necessarily known by the lower levels in the order, but the schemes of the enemy use the non-informed to carry out his plan for world dominion. We must be alert and pray that we are not partakers of or overtaken by his schemes.

When we completed the perimeter of the United States there was definetly a sense that something significant had been accomplished in the heavenlies. Don't misunderstand this statement as bragging about anything that we had done. For us this mission has been and is hard, exhausting work. But by being faithful to perservere in the midst of many and varied trials YHVH has been given glory, we believe. Kansas being the center of the middle leg of this journey to Washington DC has a spiritual significance that we are only beginning to understand.

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