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Yesterday we awoke to another beautiful autumn day. We began our day in a leisurely manner, with coffee, the fireplace and some soft music. Outdoors we could hear an owl hooting and the birds singing their morning songs. That is a fine beginning to any day.

Marilyn left to get her haircut and I puttered around with the computer, reading journals and blogs of friends around the country. I answered a few e-mails while I was at it, then spoke to my Aunt Betty on the phone. She and my Uncle Bill live in Kahoka, MO, and we want to get up there to visit them and my other relatives who live there, before we head south for the winter.

I had just undressed to get in the shower when my cell phone rang. It is a good thing for everyone that the windows on the RV are tinted and reflective so that no one can see in during the daytime. It would not have been a pretty sight as I padded from the bedroom to the living room in my birthday suit. The call was from Marilyn, to ask if I needed anything from town.

I was just drying off from my shower when Marilyn returned. She jumped into the shower as I dressed for the day.

We ate a bite of lunch and spent some time killing the Asian ladybugs which managed to find their way inside. That battle continues, but we did take the expensive device, which was supposed to solve our beetle problem, back to the store. I exchanged it for a weather station. :)

In the afternoon, Steve, Jennifer and Colby came in to visit. It is always good to see the kids. I wanted to show Steve some things about the RV just in case anything would happen to me and he would need to help Marilyn get the RV back to Missouri.

We walked around the outside of the RV with me explaining the systems to Steve. He catches on quickly and has a lot of knowledge about many things, so he will have no problem if he ever needs to come to Marilyn’s rescue. We have the added security of knowing that any of our friends would be there if they were needed, but I like for Marilyn to have that assurance of Steve being there for her also.

Steve and Jennifer brought Colby in and we all took pictures outdoors. The kids were going out for dinner later, so Marilyn & I watched Colby for awhile. Oh, I have to tell you a story about Colby and Steve. Colby sleeps in his crib, with a camera and monitor in the room, so Steve and Jen know when Colby wakes up. The Crib has these bumpers around the edge. Once Steve knows that Colby is awake, he goes to Colby’s room, but before he goes into the room, he gets down on his hands and knees and crawls into the room. Colby cannot see over those bumpers if he is lying down, but he always hears Steve and so Colby reaches out and lifts the bumper on that side, peeking under it to see his Daddy sneaking in to greet him in the morning. Colby then gets that big old grin on his face.

Marilyn & I both think that Steve & Jennifer are great parents!

While I am writing of Colby, I must mention that he has learned to climb the steps here in the RV. He can now go from the living room to the bedroom, which is up three steps. He does it all by himself but we watch him closely and stay right behind him to protect him from falling.

He cut his first tooth yesterday. How neat!

I will have some pictures to post for you today.

Last night, Marilyn popped some popcorn and we watched a funny movie we had borrowed from a friend.

We both slept great. Before going to bed, we turned one clock back as a reminder to re-set the others today.

Well, dear readers, that pretty much catches us up on our activities. We will soon be on our way south and on to new adventures, but in the meantime, we just can’t wait to see what this day has in store.....

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