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If Carlsberg built a urinal this would be it. Pee with a...

Not a great shot of the candles with flowers for floating down...

That's better.

The Likely Lads discuss the price of oranges these days:)

The Night Rider of buses!

Stopped here for the afternoon between buses. The stop in Pakse was convenient to the centre of town. Nope you guessed it it was a sizeable tuk-tuk ride away. Thankfully I hooked up with 3 NZ jolly old boys and headed into town with a local girl who seemed to be travelling for free but she had agreed to be our guide for the afternoon. Seemed to keep the NZ "boys" amused anyway. We paid the tuk-tuk 50 Kip for the return trip but suddenly he had to go as his wife was having a baby, with no consideration that perhaps he had done half a job and should give then half the money back. I remonstrated with hiom and expected our "guide' also to say something but she didn't. All to no avail as the tuk-tuk guy took off. In my favour I (and John) had said to pay only half up front but that wasn't what happened so scammed again, taken for (half) a ride whatever you want to call it. This also left our guide with no way of getting back as she obviously didn't have any money. A couple of the jolly boys chipped in and sent her to a tuk-tuk. Sorry she got nowt from me and no I don't fel sorry for her. Vietnam has had a deep effect on me!

Once all of the tuk-tuk nonsense was out of the way we could concentrate on the days events. It was a good day actually to be in Pakse as there was a practice for the rowing the next day and people were floating candles on the river for the good fortune.

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