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Ten days sure can go fast when you have hundreds of things to do and stepping stones in the way preventing getting them done with minor stress. Time really does fly.

We had the RV in the shop for last minute problems with the generator. As we are on route to Phoenix Raceway for a solid week with no electric hook-ups it was kinda necessary.

We found a guy that was willing to work us in Monday and had us up and running as he predicted. Problem is, as ususal, the most expensive part for any unit is what was needed. Dave was great, kept us informed and actually delivered as promised.

Main issue being, RV in shop all week, all the personal packing for 4 people and 2 dogs had to be done last night after 4. As we planned to pull out first thing this morning it wouldn't normally have been an issue. UH-OH, October 31st, what is it about that date. Oh yes, TRICK OR TREATING with the grandkids. Which means final packing and organizing didn't start till nearly 10. About 1:30 AM I told my husband, not much point in trying to sleep now. So off we go, 14 year old, nearly 2 year old and Beagles Bailey & Kira and myself.

I stopped at 6:20 in the morning, but after taking an hour to get Jarod back sound asleep and then dozing off myself with me on my left side, Jarod on my arm holding on to my left thumb in his left hand and my right arm wrapped over him with my right thumb in his right hand, and being pushed off the bed at the same time I ended up with about and hour nap.

When we tried to put Jarod back into the car seat he tried to beat it up!!!!!

We did managed to make it to my sister and brother-in-law's about 7 pm. No problems, dog and people potty breaks coincided. The only thing is, somehow we ended up in an alternative universe. Gas prices were as low as $1.93 a gallon. Oh well, as long as it's a good trip we can worry about getting back to our normal world later, MUCH later I hope.

So following Bugs Bunny's lead, we are headed to Albuquerque doc, first thing in the morning, WOW, time goes back, I can sleep an extra hour and not lose any time. So, hope things will be more interesting in the next installment. I hope to have some photos soon.

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