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Hugh White State Park

Our spot, backed right on the river.

Fall is just starting here.

The spillway below the dam.

And the river it creates. We're farther down on the right. The...

It sometimes floods so the restrooms and electric boxes are all up...

Interesting woods where water resides in spring.

Unusual practice of burning leaves on the spot within the campground.

I'm glad we weren't in this spot.

Back to the river and some fishermen on the bank.

The view out back :)

Not smoke...this was mornng fog.

One of the Confederate forts on the grounds.

Beam Me Up, Scotty

Lake Grenada

Now don’t get me wrong - we loved Memphis and being in the city, but it seems like after every city fix, we enjoy even more the peace and tranquility of a nice park near a lake or river. And so it was with our next park in the friendly state of


We’re at Hugh White State Park just west of Grenada and tranquil it is. It’s actually four campgrounds around and near the man made Grenada Lake. We’re in the Outlet Campground just below the dam which forms the Yalobusha River and we’re backed right on it. Across the river the park continues with a huge day use area.

Even better, there’s only a handful of people here mid week and we’re parked just right for that morning sun on the patio. With the weather still in mid 70‘s, we can go out for morning walk/jogs, ride our bikes and just enjoy sitting by the river. All this plus 50 amp service for a mere $16.00/night.

It’s somewhat interesting in that all the electric outlets and restrooms are up higher due to the fact that in the spring it typically floods. All the picnic tables are concrete to withstand the torment. But all is well this time of year, in fact the river is down.

Even more interesting was their practice of clearing leaves. They blow them into piles and then light them. I guess it makes sense, but this is right in the park - I was trying to imagine that happening at Redfish Lake where we hosted last summer.

We feel so far from home, but people are extremely friendly here. “Where y’all from?” they all ask as if it’s obvious we’re not from here. Could it be because we’re wearing shorts on a 70 degree day and they’re all wearing coats, not to mention there’s a lack of twang in our speech.

We took a tour of the area on the Buddy scooter. The lake above is actually huge. There were a few sailboats out, but I’m sure in summer this place is hopping. Even where we were, there were fishermen lined along the river catching an assortment of fish - mostly catfish. The literally fish day and night.

And as we found out, there’s a lot of history in this park. Learning more about the Civil War we discovered that during that time there were some 22,000 Confederate troops in and around Grenada. This Confederate fort was constructed to protect Grenada from attack by Union forces.

Moving on we came to a nice overlook of the lake. The area encompasses 66,000 acres so it’s literally endless. The visitors center would have probably told us more, but it was closed for repaving. But we did find a day use area that had picnic tables and a cover over it with an opening in the middle and couldn’t resist getting a picture of Barb standing under it with her helmet on.

After touring, we returned back to camp and sat by the river to watch the early sunset. Later we enjoyed a fire, wondering how many more parks like this we will find.

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