Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

wide open plains of Kansas

Eagles Nest, New Mexico

Sue in Taos Plaza, Taos N.M.

Clayton Lake State Park N.M.

We are now set up in Elephant Butte (not BUT) New Mexico. We will be here for at least Nov.

But, let me take you back a ways.

After Kansas, we drove all day thru Kansas and Oklahoma. That is some of the most open and lonely country I have ever seen. Our hats are off to anyone who lives and farms that land. Thank God someone wants to.

We eventually got to Clayton Lake State Park. We had very little phone reception, (as those of you who tried to contact us know) and no internet. It was very beautiful tho. About 20 miles into the high deserts of nowhere. Much dinosaur history and tracks.

We stayed there for 3 nights. On one of the days we drove into Taos, N.M. What a beautiful and interesting little town. Again, in the middle of nowhere. What isn't?

On the way, we passed the Philmont boy scout ranch. The boy scouts aren't hurting for money. They have the most wonderful ranch on about 100,000 acres. It appears that whatever they don't own, is owned by a ranch called EX UU.

In all, it was a wonderful day, and back to the park.

We spent the next day exploring the park, and meeting people (always fun).

The next morning, we left for the park at 5:a.m. and headed for Elephant Butte, again thru some very remote lands, only this time it was in some very high mountains.

We arrived about 4:00 p.m., and set up. Then, we headed to the clubhouse for a Halloween party. We met some of the others, and they are very friendly.

Not sure what we are doing today. Looks like we should have brought the jeep. Everyone has one. There are a lot of ghost towns and off road trails around here. Not to mention the largest lake in N.M.

More later.

Love and miss you all.

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