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Yesterday we awoke early because we were babysitting with Colby. Marilyn & I had our morning coffee with the fireplace on to warm things up. After coffee we drove to the Hospital parking lot to meet Jennifer & Colby.

We greeted Jen with Hugs and a kiss while Colby received his share of affection too. He gave us big smiles which starts the day just right.

Back at the RV I had to leave right away to go give tours to school groups, beginning at 8:00 AM.

The first tour group was a nice group of kids, except for one young man who didn't listen to anything I had to say. He was loud and obnoxious, and seemed determined to awaken the bats from hibernation, even after I had warned him twice not to do it. My remedy was simply to do a walking tour, that is to keep walking while talking. The tour which normally takes an hour and 20 minutes, lasted one hour flat!

I had another group waiting after the first group and they were fifth grade students, very well behaved, and they were a delight.

As soon as I returned from that second tour, I was asked if I could do one more, but I refused because I had much to do.

I changed clothing and then began my chores for the day. I dumped the holding tanks first. Then I drove to the local "Farm & Home" store to see what they had to help with the Asian Ladybug problem. The best thing they had was a trap which is for indoors. Even though it cost 27 dollars, I thought it was worth it and took it home.

As I was checking out at the store, someone tapped me on the back. I turned and saw an old friend that I haven't seen for more than 10 years. Denton used to be a frequent passenger on board our flights to Chicago, Detroit, and Milwaukee. He looked quite thin and informed me that he is taking chemo-therapy for colon cancer. His wife recently passed away with cancer also, so please keep Denton and his family in your prayers.

Marilyn & I spent the afternoon playing with Colby. We dressed him in his Frog costume, the one Gloria made for him, and took him to the gift shop for "Trick or Treat" time.

Fran ran home to get her camera. She says that Colby is the cutest baby she has ever seen. Of course we agree. :)

Colby sat on the "Gator" and squealed in delight as he grabbed the steering wheel in both hands and turned it back and forth. He just loves trucks, tractors and such.

We left to meet Jen about 7:00 as she is off work at 7:30 PM, having worked a 12 hour shift. One thing which happened was that when we said goodbye to Colby, waving from outside the car, he puckered up and began to cry. Oh No! We can't take much of that. It just breaks your heart. He is so sweet and we just love him to pieces.

Marilyn had BBQ chicken in the slow cooker and we ate that after returning to the RV.

It was nearly 8:00 PM by the time we ate our dinner.

Marilyn and I watched a little TV after dinner but were soon in bed for the evening.

The beetle trap doesn't seem to be doing much and was probably a waste of money. The fly-swatter seems to be the best defense, along with the vacuum cleaner.

I told Jennifer about a message from Gordon & Juanita who said the solution was to hitch up and head out. She replied "That's too bad. You are NOT leaving any earlier!" :)

So we will be here for two more weeks. There is much to get done and it will happen but the next two weeks will be quite busy.

So yesterday was a good day and we can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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