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Yesterday morning, we awoke earlier than normal. No, we were not going to meet Jennifer or baby sit with Colby. I was asked to give an early tour of Cameron Cave, and Marilyn had an appointment to see her doctor for an annual checkup.

We shared our morning coffee together, and then began to get busy. I walked over to the gift shop to get lanterns out for the tour. Jamie was leading half the group and I followed with the other half. When we went to get the lanterns we discovered that the last person who gave a tour had failed to plug the lanterns in to charge the batteries after the tour. We thought we would need at least 20 lanterns and we had only 8, some of which might not work for the entire tour. This was not the way we wanted to start the day.

Things did improve however, because when the group of high school students arrived, they all had their own flashlights. Great!

Both tours went off quite well and everyone had a good time.

I noticed that our van was gone as I walked back to the ticket counter in the gift shop. That meant that Marilyn had gone into town for her appointment.

I had a few things to get done around the RV. I changed out the propane bottle to install the full one and remove the empty. Then I went inside and replaced a burned out light bulb over the bathroom sink. I tried to remove the cover over a florescent light fixture in the bedroom, but was unable to get it off. I suspect that the problem may be the ballast because both bulbs are not working. Unable to do anything more, I placed a call to the factory, to get some information from them. They promised to call me back and you all have heard that story before. I am still waiting.

Marilyn soon returned and we spent a quiet afternoon chasing and killing the small Japanese beetles. You know, the ones which look like the common ladybugs. They are thick on the sides of the Rv’s when the sun is shining on the RV, making it warm. They seem to come in through the tiniest opening and are a nuisance.

I did take the time to carve a pumpkin for Colby. It is pretty cute and probably is the best I have ever done. Sorry, Jen! J

Marilyn fixed pasta for our dinner and we continued our quiet, relaxed day by extending it into the evening. We watched some TV, played games on the computer, and looked up some information suggested to us by a friend.

We had an e-mail from our friends, Ted & Sue Brown. They are leaving for the Rio Grande Valley on November 4th. They have traveled the Natchez Trace before and suggested some things to see and do, as well as a nice campground to stay in along the way.

Dan & Pat Sullivan, who are also good friends, had suggested a couple of places to stay along the way, and we do plan to stay in one or two of the campgrounds they suggested to us.

So our day ends with the memory of a pretty quiet day, with a few things to keep us busy. Now we can look forward to tomorrow, and I just can’t wait to see what this day has in store…..

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