year5-Here we go travel blog

Tennessee fall colors

the start of a 6 mile,6% grade down thru the hills

and it ends at the lake

This is the area of "the Land between lakes"

Isn't it pretty

that's Atlanta across the water

Just a short note as I don't have much time with internet service on our way south. But good trip so far, We are now in Georgia and should make Florida tomorrow. I will update and post some pictures then. It's getting warmer and fuel is getting cheaper, all is good. More soon

10-28am- Found out I have free wi-fi so got the updates out here on the site. Hope you enjoy

Our stop for the night in Manchester's Walmart started out good but I wasn't sure it was going to stay that way. First they had a really nice set up with long pull-thru sites just for the big trucks and rv's and we got a site next to the curb so it was easy to get the dogs out to some grass without having to walk all the way across the parking lot, of course then we had to walk all the way across the parking lot to go in the store but thats ok, we need the exercise and to stretch our legs anyway, not used to traveling 350 miles a day even though we stop a couple times. Anyway back to our parking situation, the 2 spots next to us were empty but soon a big truck pulled in the 2nd one AND it was a truck full of frozen chickens so the compressor was running and pretty loud. I told Dave maybe we would be lucky and another truck would pull in between us to muffle the sound and it did BUT guess what?, It was another refrigerator truck-How could we be so lucky.. It wasn't as bad as we thought because the units ran for awhile and then seemed to hold most of the night as we weren't bothered by them overnight.

Yesterday we traveled through the REAL hills of Tennessee- several long 6% grades, the longest was 6 miles but we had no problems and it sure was pretty. We drove along the edge of an area called "the land between lakes" I have heard of this before and we sure will be back to spend some time here, it looks gorgous. The last picture of the day was coming into Atlanta- I didn't take any more as I was pretty busy being co-pilot. It was every bit as bad as I thought and IF I have my way, we WON"T EVER come through Atlanta, Ga again. I will find the long way around but geez... Atlanta, even going around the outside loop(which should be like going around the twin cities,MN) is a mess, 4-5-6 lanes wide joining from the right, leaving from the right,joining from the left,leaving from the left and sometimes even going straight ahead, then you add lane changes for construction and always heavy traffic all going at least 55mph and it made me very nervous as we had to switch several times. I just really am a small town,country girl and I really don't like the heavy traffic but Dave drove us though just fine although the switches were not very well marked or not marked until you have 1000' to change and that's not easy with a 64' rig.Whew, we are done with that. We found a truck stop and took a break but Dave had driven 240 miles so I took over and ended up driving all the way to the RV park in Tifton. Dave went in to register us and more rigs starte backing up unable to get off the road so one of the owners said "just pull into site # 7" So I did, that was my first time parking the rig in a park but I am not sure it counts as it was a nice big pull thru, almost the same as I have done parking in Walmart lots. Just another new experience for me. What a great park this is, sure wish it was summer so we could use the pool and spa, but glad its fall because they have pecan trees and the nuts are all falling down. They told us to go ahead and pick up all we want from our site so we did and our neighbors came over with a small bag full so now we have 1\2 of a walmart bag full of fresh pecans. Yummy. On to Florida today.

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