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This tree ia sitting on its roots...no ground below!!

Archie takes the high trail around the park

Brad Halfacre. Ranger

Chris takes in the home coming parade in downtown Chapel Hill

It is marshmellow time in Tennessee!!

Archie stokes the fire to keep warm!!!

Update: Tuesday 10/28/2008

Location: Henry Horton State Park. Near Chapel Hill, Tennessee.

Weather: Cool…..Highs in 50’s, Lows in the 30’s

Howdy Family and Friends:

WOW!! What a difference one week makes. The weather has really made a definite turn toward colder temps. Last night it got down to 39 degrees. While that temperature is nothing for folks that live in insulated homes it is significantly different for us who are living in RV’s. We stayed warm though, and Chad liked snuggling up with us.

The trees are really beginning to show their glory now. The frost we had a few days ago is beginning to take its toll on the big Oak trees. Their leaves are starting to turn a bright red and gold. I think the majority of the falling leaves we had the last few weeks has been due to the dry weather causing the leaves to fall off prematurely.

The park stayed unusually quiet over the week end, as the rain and colder temps caused some of the less hearty campers to stay home. However, those that did show up here after the rain on Thursday seemed to have a lot of fun. We received approx. 1.5 inches of wonderful rain over a 24 hour time frame. The rain hitting the top of the camper really made for some nice sleeping at night.

The large tent group areas, across the way, were full of Cub Scouts and parents. Lots of activity was going on most of the week end with those campers. I noticed some big campfires being tended well into the night as they gathered to tell the tales that men reiterate around fires. I heard that all tales told around a campfire is considered as the honest truth.

The small town of Chapel Hill had their local high school’s home coming parade this past Thursday and we made our way to town and sat on the side of the street and watched the parade and visited with the local folks. We sat in front of the Collins Hardware Store and had a ring side seat. The town’s population is very small and I think everyone that lives here showed up.

I have no idea who won the homecoming game on Friday night, but, I do know that there was a lot of hollering going on that I could hear from the road. There is something about a small town that just is soothing to the soul.

Chris and I have been able to hike all three of the major hiking trails here in the park. Each of these trails have their own unique characteristics. On one trail you will find sink holes, and on the other you will find trees growing out of the solid rock terrain. We even found a tree that was growing with nothing beneath the roots to support it. Now that was weird. It appears that the soil eroded over the years from beneath the roots and only the roots remain to support the tree.

On Saturday we took the day off to go to Fort Campbell, Ky. Fort Campbell is located near Clarksville, Tennessee and is about a 2 hour drive from the park. Fort Campbell is the home of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). We attended the retired military appreciation day (RAD) that is an annual event to support retired military families.

We were able to meet up with Tony and Ann there. While we were there we listened to some informational seminars of retirement pay benefits as well as pick up some freebee items that were being giving away by some vendors.

We visited the pharmacy on the base and we received our flu and shingles vaccinations free, all courtesy of the US Army. The (Shingles) vaccination costs $250.00 from our doctors at home, so, we saved over $500.00 by getting them through the US Army.

While we were there we made a short visit to the Base Commissary to pick up some staples and headed back to the park.

For the past several days I have not been able to connect to the internet via the Park Inn’s WiFi system. It is not functioning properly. Finally, I was able to connect via the Krystal food stop in Lewisburg to collect my e mail yesterday (Sunday). I apologize for not answering your e mail this past week.

As all of you know we are coming down to the end of our service here at Henry Horton State Park. Our plan is to leave here no later than this Sat AM (11/1). If this week is relatively slow, we might leave on Friday AM heading home. Regardless, we are heading home as soon as possible.

Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts.

In Dad’s memory the ADVENTURE continues……………..

Later alligators!

Archie, Chris and Chad (the wonder dog)

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