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Before leaving Pakistan we tried one more time to find a place to print pictures for folks we met along the way w/o success. Ended up w/ heading out w/o mailing anything, bummer! Taxi to border was same driver who took us there yesterday for 800 r. rnd trip to the flag/border closing ceremony - left at 1:30 for 650 r. Good driver, safe and skilled which is important in this traffic!!! Took us until 4:30 to get into India, a whole Sikh gathering was entering India so we got caught in the middle...very interesting, a special bus all decorated w/ flowers and guys walking along throwing rose pedals/flowers on it. This is the only crossing I've seen where the guys carring swords(Sikhs) were given top priority in the lineup rather than hustled into a room to be strip searched, ha!

Went to Amritsar and the Tourist Guesthouse a dorm bed 100 r. very nice LP choice!


Go to the Golden Temple - I didn't enter because they would not let me carry my sandles and I was concerned about losing my only footwear in the masses of pilgrims...this is Diwali, one of the most important of holidays equivalent to Christmas. Crowds everywhere and the traffic was rickshaws, motor rickshaws, taxis, buses, you name it its on the streets of Indian cities plus people people people...a bit more culture shock!

We went to a nice vegie place along the main thoroughfare to the is good & cheap only $1.25 US for a thali! Bon also was able to phone Laxmi Optical and arrange the mailing of malarone which was a great relief for her as well as Mari & I. Next went to the memorial garden where Brits mowed down Sikhs in 1919 which set in motion the eventual independence of India/Pakistan in 1948.

We also went to the Indian border crossing ceremony - much less dramatic, lots bigger crowd and difficulty seeing the action. The Indian color guard is much more relaxed, definately worth seeing the Pakistani performance, what they lack in crowds they more than make up for in sheer intensity, military pomp, and just plain showmanship!

Returned via motorrickshaw(rnd trip 400 r/ 4 people) and got more info re: bus to Jammu, ordinary bus leaves hourly for 100 r., slower - 6 to 8 hrs vs luxury for 200 lvg at 6 am and 9 pm! No contest.

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