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When Sarah Davis died in 1930, her husband, John Milburn Davis, immediately began work on her memorial. The Davises had accumulated a lot of wealth after years of successful farming and a frugal lifestyle unburdened by children. After Sarah's death, John spent liberally on a series of life size, Italian marble statues of himself and Sarah. John ended up spending about $200,000 on the memorial, all the while ignoring pleas from his neighbors to instead use his wealth to help his community weather the Great Depression years. Davis reportedly said "They hate me. But it's my money and I spent it the way I pleased." (Davis, unknown to his neighbors, quietly donated thousands of dollars to needy individuals.) The statues depict the Davises at different stages in their lives, including one set with the widower John next to an empty wing chair. It's a moving tribute, but in a creepy ego-maniac kind of way.

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