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Gloria with Colby wearing the costume she made

Colby in his "Frog Suit"

Ed & Marilyn with Colby

Yesterday was an interesting day for us. There was a wide variety of activities we were involved in. First things first, however.

I had called my sister in Frederick, Maryland, a couple of times and had no answer, but she called us yesterday morning while Marilyn & I were finishing our morning coffee.

Sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed, that something had happened. Pat was carrying some cushions for a love seat, from the car into their home, and stepped off the side of her driveway, twisting her ankle quite badly. Thankfully it wasn't broken but it was quite painful and she has a cast on. She laughed telling me about trying to manage preparing meals with crutches, etc. She can make you laugh as she describes how she tried to move food from the kitchen to the dining room, etc. She is a wonderful sister and we love her to pieces. We wish she and my brother-in-law, Steve, lived close enough for us to see them once in a while. Marilyn & I may have to head our RV toward the east coast sometime, to visit relatives in Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. We have been talking about it but have no firm plans yet. That is one of the advantages of this lifestyle, being able to go where you please whenever you want to go there. We are not imprisoned in one place and have the freedom to live for the moment.

We also spoke on the phone with Gordon & Juanita, who were on the way into Manitou Springs, Colorado, to attend a day of coffin races. Yep, you read that correctly. You may go to their web site at: www.mytripjournal.com/USAchevrolet and read all about it. These good friends will be our next door neighbors in the Rio Grande Valley for the winter.

I had written several days ago, of the Garth Mansion here in Hannibal. I thought we had taken pictures of it before but was unable to locate them if we did. Marilyn & I went out for an early lunch and then drove to the Garth Mansion to take pictures for the tourist journal entry I wrote recently. John & Julie, the owners, were working and it was nice to visit with them. Julie asked us if we would bring something back from the valley for her and we promised to do that. Marilyn wandered around and took numerous pictures so I will go back to the Hannibal tourist entry and add some pictures for you.

Once we left the mansion we drove to Palmyra to see Colby. Jennifer & Steve were in St Louis for Jennifer to take another test on her quest toward getting her RN certification. As we suspected, she aced the test, calling us with the good news as soon as she knew her grade.

Gloria was baby sitting with Colby and had made a frog costume for him. The "Pamida" store in Palmyra was having a costume contest for kids and Colby was entered in the "Under one year of age" group. Colby and his frog costume didn't win but he sure looked cute. Gloria did a nice job with the costume and I will have a picture for you to see. Al gave me some good information about color photo paper and helped me with a problem I was having in getting my laptop computer back to normal. Thanks, Al!

We met the daughter of some long time friends while we were at the costume contest, and she is now married and has two children of her own. We met her husband and admired the two children. Her oldest won the contest for the age group she was in.

Once that contest ended we drove back to Hannibal and the campground, where an outdoor wedding was going on. It was quite impressive with a Military Honor guard, etc.

Marilyn spoke on the phone with Pat Sullivan, a wonderful lady who, along with her husband, Dan, have become close friends of ours. Whenever Marilyn & Pat talk on the phone, there is a lot of laughter. They sure have a good time. Dan & Pat, along with Jerry & Kit, are all planning to visit us in the Rio Grande Valley this winter, and then we will travel to Brackettville, Texas, to visit them for a week or so in April. It will be fun!

It wasn't long before we left to attend church. We decided to go on Saturday evening so that we could sleep in today, if we wanted to do that. We arrived about 30 minutes early because we had forgotten to check the time for Mass, but that turned out to be ok because we met so many long time friends who attend church on Saturday evening, while Marilyn & I normally go on Sunday morning. We met a friend of my parents who recognized me, which I think is a miracle. We visited for a few minutes as she wanted to catch up on our family. She was saddened to hear that both of my parents and my younger brother are gone, but it was nice to visit with this kind lady and we parted with a hug.

Then another long time friend from Monroe City walked up to talk with us for awhile. Inside the church we saw another dozen or so people that we have known for some time. One couple who have been friends since 1982,came in and sat with us. After the Mass was over, we decided to go out to dinner at the Mexican restaurant where we used to go once a week. The restaurant has been closed for months but just re-opened. Steve & Cathy and Marilyn & I enjoyed a great dinner and had a nice visit once again. We don't get to see each other as often as we used to but it is good to see old friends any time.

I often mention our friends in my journal. We are so blessed to have friends from all over the country, and in foreign countries as well. Many of these fine people have stood with us when our lives were in chaos, and during the saddest days in our lives. They have loved us and supported us during the most difficult times in our life, and we are humbled by the unconditional love they have shown us. I saw a sign once which said that "Friends are the Family you Choose". I could never have said it any better!

Marilyn & I watched some TV after we got back to our little home on wheels. It was the "History Channel" and some good information on John Wilkes Boothe, and then Jesse James.

So yesterday was a real mixed bag with many interesting things happening. Most of it was spur of the moment for us. That is the way we like to live.

Today we hope to see Jen & Colby again. Hooray! We can't wait to give them big hugs. We have really enjoyed some great quality time with Jennifer & Colby while we have been here in Hannibal for this two month stay.

I remember when I was a boy growing up, what a treat it was when we went on a trip to see my grandparents. It was such a special and wonderful adventure because we lived so far away. Then, in the summer, I stayed with my grandparents for several months. I worked on the farm as I grew old enough to do that, and the summers from my childhood were magical times.

So, I'll wrap this up for now. Yesterday was a good day and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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