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Our new air bed - before we put it together

Two separate air mattresses lay inside foam bolsters

Oh my, the air pump!

Bob airing up his side before we zip up the mattress cover

Bob still adjusting the air. Looks like a regular mattress when zipped.

Pump lays beside the bed. Thank goodness you don't have to leave...

Back to normal

Lynda and her 1963 Filipino broom! Best broom ever!

When one’s travels are otherwise dull, a new air mattress can be a major event. Many of our RVing friends know that factory supplied mattresses are usually of low quality. I didn’t realize how low until we took it off the bed. I had slept on worse.

Lynda had been researching air mattresses for sometime now. Settled in Mission for two months she decided now was the time to get one. The one she wanted had a 30-day free trial policy and we had the “coach house” here at Retama Village to store our old one in while we tried out the new one. After looking enough to be confused, Lynda called Bear Beds @888-565-7211 and talked with Tami, Managing Director of and Tami recommended a different mattress, made in MD, than Lynda originally researched and it was slightly cheaper. Tami assists and educates dealers and customers to get them the bed that suits their needs. (Remember how many beds the Three Bears slept in before they got it right?) She has every airbed on the Internet available to her and she was great to do business with! Also her parents are RVers and she doesn't want them calling to complain about her product! So Friday the one Tami recommended arrived and we installed it yesterday. By the way, putting it together was simple, even for non-do-it-yourselfers. Tami recommended not getting the one with the internal pump or a pillow top. We got a short queen and wonder how a full queen would have worked anyway since the platform is for a short queen. The full queen would hang over and what would happen when you sit on the end of the bed? We have a sink in the bedroom and a full queen would have diminished the space between the bed and sink.

The mattress we bought ($1088) has two twin-sized air chambers with dual controls and a single electric pump. These are wrapped (zippered) in a normal looking mattress cover and a thin foam pad lays over the air chambers. Lynda likes a slightly firmer mattress than I do, so this works nicely. She especially liked not feeling the mattress sway like a ship at sea when I rolled over. After last night’s trial we are both extremely pleased but will withhold final judgment for a week or two. The contrast with the old mattress could surely cause a “halo effect.” We slept till 9AM, well past our normal wake-up time.

If this is the most excitement for our week you can imagine what the rest was like. Actually it was quite restful, particularly for me. As you may know Lynda prefers more activity than I do. I got in some much-desired reading including a very enjoyable book entitled “Waiter Rant” by (you guessed it) The Waiter. It is a fun reality book for anyone who has worked in the restaurant business or who enjoys eating out. I also consumed (no pun intended) several copies of Ode (a favorite magazine) that arrived in our forwarded mail from Alabama. Oh yes, I did start work on the Introduction to “Legacy of Thought.” If this week is any indication this is going to be a long project!

I almost forgot, last Sunday we walked down to the Bentsen Rio Grande State Park to check it out and take the tram ride. It was the Butterfly Festival weekend and we got on the tram with a group and their guide. They were off to see not only butterflies but also dragonflies. We thought this was fortuitous; we can scope out the park and learn something about these creatures. Do you know there are 77 species of dragonflies? Do you care? So off we went to the first stop for dragonfly watching overlooking a lagoon. As soon as we disembarked mosquitoes began their attack. It was midday so we were unprepared. Fortunately a family of bicyclers offered us some spray. Don’t leave home without it down here!

Moments later the tram pulled away leaving us with the mosquitoes and the dragonfly watchers. We learned that the Festival people would be there for 20-30 minutes before moving on. Not having planned on this itinerary we decided to walk the mile back to the Nature Center and on to home, postponing our park exploration for another day. From what we saw it looks like an interesting place to walk in the woods but with the heat, humidity, and mosquitoes a cool morning or brisk autumn day would be better. Unfortunately our next-door neighbors mentioned chiggers, diminishing my interest in regularly walking there even further. A few years ago when we were in Arkansas one October doing genealogy, we were looking at Lynda’s ancestor’s graves in a small cemetery. Shortly thereafter I suffered a major chigger outbreak that took weeks to heal. Unless there is chigger repellant I may never walk in this park. Somehow Lynda never got chigger bites. Could it be her suspected Indian blood or am I just tastier?

Unless you want to hear about our trip to Vitamin Shoppe, grocery shopping, etc. (I doubt it!) I guess that is about all for this week. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, this coming week will probably be much the same. We get our teeth cleaned tomorrow and I’ll order new glasses resulting from my successful cataract surgery later in the week. I will also mention that the laser procedures for glaucoma done on both eyes in OKC have reduced my medications to just one drop daily in only one eye. I’m certainly pleased with that.

With another dull week in the offing I’ll come up with something to write about next Sunday even if I have to make it up. So stay tuned.

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