Look at our travel map NOW ! Though it'll be along time...

On our way to town we took a side trip, down old...

Here's a closeup of the sign at the top of the bridge.

Will Rogers Memorial in Claremore, OK

One of his saddles made in Elko, NV about 1909..

Will Rogers town center roundabout statue.

This incapsulates his life...

Entry to his childhood home, ranch.

You'll know you're there when you see the sign.

The home was built in 1875 by his parents own hands of...

Living room

Dining room/family room

The room in which Will was born

Will Rogers childhood home

About his heritage, 25% Cherokee.

One of the little goats roaming about the ranch grounds, gosh they're...

a walkaround petting zoo, all are friendly, fuzzy and fun.

the ranch was/is known as the "Dog Iron" ranch.

a historical plaque

RV'rs if you come to the area, stay here. They have 8...

another of the pets on the grounds

Fisherman done, now loading his boat on the trailer, he aims ....

he gives it the gas, guns it, and up it goes, the...

Some nice fish were caught today

And released after being weighed.

A lineup of boats for the weigh in

Yes, some nice fish indeed.

The crowd of fisherman at weigh in

Amsoil is used in this boats motors

This is why the RV park is called Pelicans Landing


bunches of pelicans

Near Tulsa, Oklahoma is the little town of Claremore. It has in it the Will Rogers Memorial, to honor the life and times of the 20th Century’s best known humorist and philosopher and native son of Oklahoma. Here we learned more about his wit, humor, wisdom, his passion for family, country and fellow man. As a cowboy, trick roper, vaudevillian and actor he was also a philanthropist above reproach. Will Rogers was in 71 movies of which 50 were silent. After our visit to the Memorial we drove the short 15 miles to his childhood home near the town of Oologah, OK on the banks of the Verdigris River, now Oologah Lake. Here we learned about his family life, how he grew up with three sisters in the country learning the cowboy skills needed for successful life on these plains. He had a good education, learned to be a great speaker and was known as the “Cherokee Cowboy”. The house you’ll see in the picture was built in 1875 by his father and mother after the civil war circumstances destroyed the first home. But Will was born four years later in this home in 1879. His death came too early in life, though he lived the life of 5 good men, in 1935 while a passenger on a plane flown by a friend near Barrow, Alaska. So enjoy the pics of the memorial and the home. For more info go to: www.willrogers.com NOTE: For other RV’rs if you’re going to be in the area only for 1 or 2 nights pull in and stay at the childhood home at one of the 8 spaces on the property. We will.

At the Pelican Landing RV Park, we found they sponsored a local bass fishing tournament one day. Dave went down to the lakeside about the time for the boats to come in for their fish weighing. Oh boy, there were some large bass in the mix, you’ll see pics of some of the fish being released after the weigh in, boats, participants. It was fun, not like the big production weigh-ins you see on TV but fun, energized enthusiasm nonetheless.

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