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So I know I already wrote earlier today but so much has happened since then.

We went to the bazzaar with our new friend Kat that is on our tour. I am pretty sure that I have turned vegetarian, at least for the time being. I saw enough animal heads and body parts getting wacked by a giant cleaver to last me awhile. We even saw a chicken get run over by a car... slowly. Well, enough about that! The bazzaar was just how it sounds... bazzaar. But I talked my way down 30 Egyption pounds to score some new sun glasses. (it ended up costing me about $3 American)

After that the 3 of us hung out with our only friend at the hotel until he got off work and then he took us to an Egyption restuarant and told us what to eat. It was all pretty good. Lots of rice and veggies, some pita type bread and stuff to put on it (I didnt eat the meat dish though). We had our laundry done for us while we were out so now we have nice fresh clothes to last us through our Egypt tour (hopefully).

Tonight we met up with the entire group we will be with for the next couple weeks. Originally, Kathleen and I signed up for the 9 day tour because the 15 day one was too long and we need to fly out before they return... BUT, our tour guide is really cool and is hooking it up so we can stay on the tour with the longer group and just go back a day or 2 early to catch our flight. Now we get to do all that we originally planned, plus the Red Sea and other places along the way too! There are so many things we get to do and see... camel rides, pyramids, tombs, quads, sailing overnight on the Nile, hotair balloons for sunrise!!!! Can you tell I'm a little excited??

We also figured that since we already had an extra day booked at the hotel (that cannot be refunded for some reason), our tour guide is going to change the date so we can shower and nap before catching our first flight towards getting to Tanzania. (We have to spend the night in the Dubai Airport in between flights).

As you can probably guess the next blog might get alittle lengthy with all the adventures we have ahead of us. I will do my best to add pics and update when I can!! Until then.... Salam!

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