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Depart Haast Village: 2870 km (09.40)

What a night! Sooo much rain. Wind and rain. Actually lots of places around 'the mainland' had storms forecast for yesterday, and it seems that Haast Village was no exception. I had visions of us being swept away by an out of control river and swept out to sea. Obviously we weren't. The morning bought more of the same, and even some heavy hail stones.

We got an early night last night, what with there being so little to do. We just had eggs on toast for tea last night, as we weren't that hungry, and read for a bit. Think we got to bed around 9.

We left Haast, never to return, and hit the wet road heading east, then south. Not a very nice road either, narrow, very bumpy, sometimes steep and windy. There were some nice gorges, and waterfalls, but the weather was so foul it didn't really make for good sightseeing. One waterfall had a sign saying it was a 5 minute 'forest walk' from the road, so we thought we'd risk it. We macked up and legged it. It took us less than a minute to run to the falls, we looked at them for about a minute and then legged it back. It was a pretty soggy experience, but our macks kept us dry, so was worth it.

Lots of campers around these parts too. In the north island, and the north of the south island, we might see a dozen at most. Here we must see 30 or more. We're not really ones to advertise the fact that we're tourists, but there's no escaping it when you drive around here in a camper.

We drove all the way into Wanaka, on the southern shores of Lake Wanaka. At last this looked like a decent (modern) town, if still quite small in the centre.

We are in a 5 star campervan park, which is very nice. Nice and spacious and very good facilities. We arrived about 13.30 I guess. We had soup and cheese on toast for lunch and then walked down into town – a good few kilometres. Fortunately although it is still cloudy and there have been a few showers, for the most part we stayed dry.

We walked down to the lake and took a few photos. Pretty cold in the wind from the lake. Spring is not so far advanced down here, the daffs are still in flower and less of the trees in bud. We passed a lovely wooded glade with bluebells and snowdrops in bloom. We also followed the 'millenium walk' – a pavement lined with 2000 terracotta tiles, one representing each year, some had been painted with 'significant moments' in history. It was quite fun to read.

We did a bit of shopping – bought some ready bottled gin and tonic – nice treat, a new book for me, a new Icebreaker top for me, some bite cream (yippee) and a quick stop in the supermarket. We walked back up, quite knackered actually, then after lovely showers Nick made green thai curry that we ate (with a glass of wine) in front of the magnificent view we have from the back of our camper.

Unfortunately the wifi is broken, but moaning about it got us free access to their internet kiosk and Nick has therefore gone off to surf as he needs to check the markets and maybe sell some shares. (I overheard a conversation this morning that indicated another big drop in the Dow). Plus we need to know if Troy Bayliss won the world superbike.

Tired now, going to finish my wine and start my book. We're hoping for some good weather tomorrow, in which case we'll spend another night here, otherwise it's back on the road and over to Queenstown...we can always stop in here again on the way back.

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