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Backpacker's Roof getting a touch up

Guatemalan style

Floating Water Hyacinths surround this launcha

All kinds of treasures to be found at Mario's swap meet on...

Maria with her cooler full of chocolate covered bananas to sell

A local painter named Carlo who is inspiring me to start painting...

Helping our old neighbour 'SuperDave', who is back at Bruno's, into his...

I bought a bag of tangerines from this woman and when she...

I wouldn't take any money so she gave me a 2nd bag...

Now she's getting into it - take one up here she asks...


I've created a monster!

We spotted this bird while out exploring by dingy but aren't sure...

Having lunch at Ricky's Pizza here in town with a large group...

ARRRRRGH - getting ready for our Halloween party

Halloween Party at Mario's Marina

Jeanie and Jim

Mi espouso Juan

Sarah Pallin and John McCain


Manager at Mario's Jim Ellis

Steve slicing a never ending stream of oranges here at Bruno's, which...

Diamond Lil at Bruno's, taken from the restaurant

Bruno's dog

A gringo named Leo bakes these cinammon buns and brings them into...

At the end of Bruno's dingy dock is the new security force...

Always good to ask before taking when they have such big guns

Looks like we're in the safest place on the Rio


Some of the young girls who sell Guatemalan crafts and souvenirs here...

Old nieghbour SuerDave back from his trip home to Oregon

Diamond Lil not far from the pool.

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Mar Marine hosts a happy hour party with the Gallo Girls

It's been a busy week here in Guatemala. First Halloween, then back to back holidays on Nov 1st and 2nd, All Saints Day and All Souls Day and now the big US election, which John and I are watching on tv in the boat as I post this update.

I was reminded of Halloweens past as John and I poked through all the little used clothing tiendas in town looking for bits and pieces to make our costumes. There are few toys for sale and certainly not the toy sword we were looking for so the Captain fashioned his own weapon from a broken fish net handle and what else - duct tape! Have duct tape, will travel!

There was a great turnout at the annual Halloween party at Mario's Marina and the costumes were impressive. There are no costume or party stores or much of anything here so it was amazing to see what people came up with.

The ride home was, as so often here in the Rio, WET. WE stripped out of our dripping costumes and hung them from every spot we could find inside the dry boat, quite a mess when we got up the next morning!

Guatemalans celebrate a lot of holidays. We wander into town at night when we hear music and crowds of people singing and watch them celebrating the birthday of one of many saints. Nov 1st was All Saints Day (Dia de Todos de los Santos) and the following day, Nov 2 was All Souls Day (Dia de los Muertos or Dia de los Disfuntos) The street in town was lined with flowers for sale and elaborate wreaths wrapped carefully in plastic.

Millions of Guatemalans flock to the cemetaries, taking flowers and gifts and have lunch around the grave with their deceased relatives. Many feast on a traditional food called fiambre and in some towns the skies are full of huge colourful kites, flown as high as possible with the aim of getting closer to the dearly departed in heaven.

A new private Naval Police Patrol has arrived on the Rio and is docked at Bruno's dingy dock next to us. The patrol, funded by donations from key Rio Dulce businesses and INGUAT, the Guatemalan tourism agency, consists of six Naval policemen, an officer and a boatswain petty officer. They can be hailed on channel 16 on the VHF radio or reached at a phone number that we were all given on the cruiser's net this morning. They patrol the area from Mario's Marina to the Castillo San Felipe and with them docked next to us I figure we're in just about the safest spot here in the Rio.

Our weather is cooling down nicely after the scorching hot summer, making life much more pleasant here in the Rio.

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