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Our First Stop - Fources - a village with a moat surrounding...

We sat outside and had a Cafe au Lait in the village...

The village square in Fources, France

The cathedral at Biarritz

Inside the cathedral in Biarritz

Another view inside the cathedral of Biarritz

Beach and city of Biarritz

Bridge at Biarritz

We headed out for our second road trip on a beautiful Sunday morning arund 10:00 AM. We had dropped Kim (Eric's dog) off at his friends house, Joan, the night before so we were ready to go.

At noon and 85km's later we stopped for a cafe au lait at a cute little moat village called Fources. We had been taking all the back roads and seeing a lot of countryside. It had really changed from around Eric's house. We had gone from rolling hills to a more flatter area. The weather was so wonderful that we sat outside and had our cafe and just enjoyed the square. Then off again, stopping at every village along the way to try and buy bread at their Bourgerie (bakery) but almost everyone was sold out of bread. Bread is a very big thing in France, they have it with every meal, and lots of discussion is around where to buy the best bread, what time you must get there to get the best bread and what days they are open or closed. Very different from our life. You see in every village the people walking around with a loaf of bread under their arms heading for home for breakfast or lunch.

We did finally manage to get a loaf and stopped at this wonderful park along the road, had a lake, picin tables and lots of grass. Once again we had ham butty's (sandwiches) with branston pickle and cheese, and of course champagne to toast our adventure.

Then on to Biarritz, where we stopped and had a walk around. Spent quite a bit of time inside the cathedral, it was massive in size with quite a few different areas for having lrge or small sermons. The stained glass windows were beautiful.

The bridges of Biarritz and their coastline was stunning. The beach was crowded with families and tourists sunning and bathing, it was that warm. The walkway along the beach was very crowded with people walking along and just enjhoying the day such as we were.

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