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Tuesday 21st Oct – should never have mentioned the weather in my last entry and the fact I was only wearing shorts and t-shirt. To go into town (Katoomba) this morning I was wearing 4 layers of clothes and a hat!! Not only that, we had the headlights on so as to drive through the thick low lying clouds. Talk about an abrupt weather change!! Spent most of the day either reading or watching duck families walk across the lawn in front of the cottage we are staying in. According to which news channel we watched it was the coldest October day in either 30 or 45 years!!. In fact it even snowed in Sydney.

Wednesday 22nd Oct – we left the Blue Mountains, still wearing 4 layers of clothes, as we headed off south to Jervis Bay. An uneventful drive through numerous back roads until we stopped for coffee in a place called Kangaroo Valley. Car wouldn’t start! Got the coffee shop owner to phone the NRMA, the equivalent of BCAA, RAC or AA depending on your country. They turned up within ten minutes and jump started the car. So far no repeat of whatever created the problem. We also managed to get lost for the first time since arriving. It seems that on the small back roads we have been travelling on they don’t trim the trees around the road signs that well. So we flew past one sign and shortly after ran out of road entirely. The road just stopped!! Anyway that's our excuse for getting lost! So checking with the first person we saw on the way back down the dead end road we soon got back on track. We arrived in Jervis Bay late afternoon where it was blowing like mad and still pretty cool and still wearing my four layers of clothes!

Thursday 23rd Oct – Gill went out in the morning to watch a movie with our hosts while I decided to walk along the coast to the next village, a distance of about 2 miles. The weather was fine for the first 10 minutes then it rained all the way there. Once there, I dried out while having a cup of tea and then started back home. Yup, it rained all the way back as well. In the afternoon we visited the Lady Denman Heritage Park and Museum. This is the home of one of the old Sydney Harbour ferries, local photographic exhibits, historical artifacts from the area and a small marine park. We tried to spend some time on the beach but it was blowing too hard to make it comfortable. So back to watching birds in another garden again. The number, colour and variety of birds one sees here is quite astonishing. Every one is promising us the weather is going to get better.

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