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The View - Down - From the Jeep Heading to Trailhead for...

Another View From Jeep Looking Towards Nanga Parbat(?!)

Still Another View at Canyon Below - More Distance Btw Jeep &...

At the Trailhead & Maqsood

Trailhead & Tim

In Distance Whitecapped Mtns. - Rakaposhi (Other Side is Karimabad Where We...

On the Hike in - First View of Nanga Parbat

Another View From Trail of Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat From in Front of Our Cabin Just Before Dusk

Nanga Parbat & Fairy Meadows Just in Front of Our Cabin -...

Maqsood & Tim in Front of Cabins

Group Shot in Front of Cabins - Bon,Maqsood,Tim,Alam,& Mari

Out Our Window (Tiff & Todd,Remember Florence Picture?!)

On Our Hike, Near Village - Tim & Maqsood

The Village in Fairy Meadows

House in Village

Another House in Village

Maqsood at Our Mtg & Lassie w/ Village Chief

Village Chief & Tim Having Lassie

The Glacial Pond/Lake Nearby

View of Oldest House (100 + Yrs)

View Across From Oldest House

Glacier Below Nanga Parbat

View Where Andrew & Tracy Camped 4636

Left Gilgit at 10 arrived at Rakhiat/Raikot Bridge by noon from whence we took a jeep to the trailhead(2 pm) and hiked to Fairy Meadow arriving at 4:30. I carried my pack & we hired 2 porters to carry Bon & Mari's. I was very tired and after tea & noodle soup I developed a bit of alt. sickness(headache & queezy stomach). Andy & Tracy came by so we agree to get together tomor. Just tea, chapati, & dhal for dinner...3 blankets & fully dressed I slept warmly, ha!

The view of Nanga Parbat, 9th highest peak in the world and fastest rising(4cm/yr) is fabulous...worth all the effort to get here and then some!!!!!!!!!!!


Alam & Maqsood took us on a hike - at a village nearby the hotel where Andy & Tracy camped. The village leader came out and met us...he offered us 'lassie'(fermented goat milk)...after our hike in the pine woods(white pines, mmm smell great) we sat in the field and had lassie & japati, very good. Had told us earlier that photos of village & men ok but not of women who mainly stayed out of sight. Actually, the only woman we have seen was a lady hiking on the trail the day before and believe it or not she was knitting!

After our lassie lunch we hiked to the oldest house(over 100 yrs) and the 'view point' actually it is the only spot up here where they come to make mobile phone contact - there were half a doz men standing around when we arrived all attempting to phone. Great view everywhere, but from here it was the back side of Rakaposhi, Duran, & Hunza peaks(vs the Karimabad side we first saw several days ago). Also, saw the 'lake' - more a shallow pond - and then on our way back stopped where Andrew & Tracy camped...great view of glacier & Nanga Parbat! Played Up/Down and discussed the world, jeep over Baba Sar pass & went to dinner. We'd agreed on full course supper & by jove we got it!!! Rice, japati, vegie/cabbage, dhal, chicken dish, chicken soup, gr & milk tea, coke, mineral spring water & jello/pudding dessert!!! WOW..stuffed!

Maqsood gave us a price for the jeep for 5 of us + 2 bikes over the pass...going for it at $50 US per, it also incl trip from the bridge to Chilas as well...he really has been a big help. I think these fellows are sincere in trying to help us get the best price - no trying to pull any fast ones on us, just good honest service.

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