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We shopped at the Government store

The merchandise is fair traded and there is no child labor in...

Anne looks at a fine piece of art

Flooding was even worse than yesterday

Thursday, October 23, 2008 More rain

Well, it's similar to having a blizzard at home - the schools were closed again yesterday, and it poured rain again! And now today, there is another rain day. At least it is not raining, for now, and we hope the roads and courtyards can dry up. Tom has finished the 10-minute movie about SEAM (it's wonderful!), and it will be posted sometime, even if it's when we get home. Now we are terribly bored -nothing to do. We certainly hope there will be school tomorrow which is our last day here, and we'd like to have closure with the schools and Assisi. We are feeling the lack of physical exercise, as walking around outside means wading through mud or water, and is not a walk in any usual sense. It is a bummer. Anne is using the upper staircase as a Stairmaster - up and down and up again, 14 steps. We have also done some laundry and hope that it dries OK on the clothesline on the roof.

Wednesday, we had arranged to go to the government-run store where they have fair, fixed prices for handicrafts that are not made with child labor. It was a horrible drive through flooded intersections and heavy, heavy traffic. However, it was worth the drive, both for just getting out of the guest house for a couple hours and to see the amazing array of products. There were handmade art quilts, silver-plated goblets, carved sandalwood elephants, woven pashima scarfs, ornate boxes, tribal art, and all sorts of heavy brass figures which were too heavy to carry home. There were some woven wall hangings from northern India, but we decided to wait until we got up there for more shopping.

On Saturday, we will go to better things (we expect) in Kerala, like a hot shower, we hope. Sometimes we feel like we stuck here forever with nothing to do except read, knit, and do Sudoku!

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