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Tom's school yard was flooded. The school was boarded up.

The mud in the streets was awful

Big trucks dumped dirt in the street in front of our guesthouse....

Cows on the road

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It rained so hard last night that a “Rain Day” was declared and all schools were closed! Before we knew that a rain day had been declared by the government, we drove to St. Joseph’s and found the courtyard completely flooded. The school was obviously closed and all boarded up. So we turned around and came back. The streets are quite full of water too. Stephen called Assisi Illam and they had no day care that day either, just the residents of all ages. A long, traffic-filled drive in vain was averted, thank goodness.

We have never seen rain like this. Think hurricane rain without the wind, with big thunderstorms with loud thunder and brilliant lightning. Three inches of rain were reported. Stephen says the rainy season has started – actually the monsoon here!

The team had a day off. Anne rearranged teaching equipment and supplies in the metal cabinet and Tom worked on the SEAM movie

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