Treasure Lake welcome center, the signup desk is more like that of...

The lodge, ticket office for Branson shows, breakfast, WIFI, coffee house

The Clubhouse, theater, dancehall, indoor pool, workout room, grill, store

Nicely decorated throughout the park

Everywhere you look theres something nice to see.

Antique tractor on display,

Indoor pool, very nice

Frizbee Golf anyone? if you haven't played agame yet, you're missing an...

Nice minigolf course, but ake a look at some of the holes.

Some are easy.

ok many are easy

then there are some that are really challenging.

and still some are "whoop-de-doo" fun, note the hole is on the...

The park is huge, with alot of members, this is only one...

There are many miles of pretty places to walk and commune with...

Change of colors is what we came here for, beautiful caleidiscope of...

The Lone Star Dutch Oven Society, preparing the fare of the evening

Hey looky there it's quite a crowd lining up for the chili...

Quite a large crowd gathered for the freebie food tasting.

Shepherd of the Hills book was written here near Branson. The book...

One of the focus point in the story was "Matts Cabin".

About the story of life.

Old Matt's Cabin

It's peaceful here, we can see why the author stayed to capture...

A little about the town and county history

There's alot to say, flip side

See that tower, we went upthere and took a few pics of...

The Ozarks of Branson

The Ozarks of Branson area

Yakov Smirnov show


Yakov stage is very big.

We were very fortunate to get our picture with him.

World's Largest Banjo, notice how the body dwarfs the man standing beside...

the neck goes way up there!

A chance picture turned out ok, without getting on the floor upside...

Yep, that's a big banjo !

We had only a short drive from Strafford to Branson, about 50 miles, to Treasure Lake RV Resort. This is one of those parks we feel soooo lucky to be able to get in at such a discounted rate via RPI. This is truly a 5 star resort, our cost of $10 per day is a real bargain for all the amenities at the resort coupled with it’s proximity to all the shows in Branson. In fact, the park entrance is right next door to Shoji Tabuki theater. The resort has 577 spaces, 3 lakes, fabulous buildings to enjoy activities in, a terrific mini golf, and even a Frizbee golf course! We’re right in the middle of the fall color change here and sure glad we stayed around for it. There are so many things to do and see here(not including the shows)in this town it would take a minimum of two weeks to see it, maybe three. We'll stay that long next time we come through. Fall is a great time to stay here, though it is chilly at nights, about low 40’s it warms up to the mid 60’s during the day. We’ll be leaving for warmer climes soon.

While taking a walk one day around the resort, we stumbled upon a demonstration being put on by the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society. Acouple of them explained to us about dutch oven cooking then invited us back about 6:00 p.m. for a taste of what they were cooking. We returned only to find that they gave generous portions of 2 flavors chili and 2 flavors of dessert. You can see by the pictures that many (30) people came to sample the fare of the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society. Come to find out there is a nationwide organization of dutch oven enthusiasts. Yummy!

One of the things we wanted to be sure to take in while here was the “Shepherd of the Hills” farm and grounds. The farm is the basis of a well known book written of the same name by Harold Bell Wright in 1907. A timeless novel of the people living in the hills. Shepherd of the Hills is a many faceted story that generations of readers have come to love. The story, was written in a simple style, unlike the flowery prosaic volumes of the time. It is about the simple, pioneer way of life in the Ozark hills of Missouri. We bought a copy to read and thus far, we highly recommend it to you. This book was required reading for schoolage students for about 60 years in Missouri and many school districts of Arkansas and other states. That tower we went up to get the view of the valley is 230 ft tall with an enclosed and an open viewing platform. the tower is called Inspiration Tower. For more info: www.theshepherdofthehills.com

Since we had limited time/cash to take in all the shows, Yakov Smirnov was on the top of the list. We were blessed with a new found friend in the park able to get us in for a discounted price. Shortly after our arrival at the theater, our friends gave us our money back stating that the tickets happened to be free today! The show was FABULOUS ! We found that he’s a very patriotic man, a believer in God. His parents brought him to America in 1976 from Russia with $50 in their pockets! What faith and courage those immigrants have. Now he’s standing and delivering to thousands side splitting, clean and poignant humor. The show was about 2 ½ hours long! We got more than our moneys worth!

While scrolling through our Garmin Nuvi for another business, Dave came across “the worlds Largest Banjo” so we clicked on it, off we went. It wasn’t long before we saw the huge neck of the banjo sticking out of the roofline of the building. The banjo body is easily twice the height of an average man, the neck is so long that they had to build around it. Nice little gimmick for a restaurant/ice cream/gift shop.

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