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Today's windshield view - sorry, more barns and farm country

Cheapest gas today - $2.41



I love cemeteries too

our view tonight - yuck!

Today was another travel day, although not too tough, since we only had to travel about 120 miles. The sky was clear again and the air was cool when we headed south on Highway 9 which runs parallel to Interstate 65. As we traveled further south, the trees got greener and the leaves are just beginning to change. We might get to see fall colors again hopefully.


We stayed on the side highways until we were just outside of Louisville, Kentucky, where we moved over onto the Interstate and took Exit 1 into the little town of Clarksville, still in Indiana. Louisville, Kentucky is just a couple of miles south of here, across the Ohio River.


We are staying tonight at the Louisville KOA, which is located in Clarksville. I really try to like the KOA parks, but this one really takes the cake. Since it is located close to the river, I had visions of nice wide spaces, under trees, with a view of the water. Instead, we are in what looks like an RV dealership, with RVs packed in like sardines, on a gravel lot. We are actually in a half a space and our view out our front window is the back of another trailer!!! The owners of this KOA say that there are 44 rigs here belonging to workers who are insurance adjusters from a tornado that hit the area a couple of weeks ago.


The catalog indicated there was a Camping World located next door, which is not true. Camping World did not buy the property and backed out instead. We had intended on staying here a week to have some work done on Suzy while we toured the Louisville area. After seeing our camping spot, I don't even want to stay one night. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of other RV parks in this area and there are no Good Sam Parks indicated in our travel directory. What's with that? So, we will stay a few days to tour the area since the weather is still nice here.


At first, we rated the park a 5 since it does have cable tv, WiFi and other amenities but then we realized that the railroad tracks are within sight (and sound) of our rig over the top of the trailer scrunched in on the other side of us. So, I rate the park a 3 and that is probably too high. Can you tell I don't like it here?


We want to see the famous horses of Kentucky and all of the weather charts indicate that the weather here stays nice until December. We are headed for Lexington where there is a popular Horse Park Campground, but this coming weekend is their Halloween celebration and they are filled up. There is lots to see in Louisville, so we will spend our time touring and staying out of our rig and not having to look at the back of someone else's.

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