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Where did I last leave off???

Well obviously, since I'm writing this, we survived the horseback riding. Domenico took the horse out for awhile to run and get all of her extra energy out before putting Kathleen or I up on her. She was really good and actually listens to Domenico and follows his every move, it was kinda funny and cute. He can even make her make noises on cue! After we went on the horse we fed the animals, changed, and went out for pizza at a pub in another town. The pizza was soooo good!! (We didnt have to eat the rabbits!!)

On Saturday we woke up alittle earlier to pack up and get ready. Domenico was also watching his nephew Mattia who is almost 2, so we kept an eye on him while the animals got fed. Then began the start of our loooooong journey to Greece. First we took a bus from Domenico's town to the train station. Then we took a train to the port in Bari. We had pretty much the whole day to kill there so we found a place to do laundry. Since we have the Eurorail pass we couldnt book our ferry ahead of time (it can only be booked at the port) so there weren't any beds available to sleep in for the 16 hour trip and we had to settle for reclining seats. The ferry was actually really nice. We ended up drinking a couple beers and playing 500 Rummy with this older Italian guy that was sitting near us and looked lonely. By the time the game ended (I won - of course! haha) it was time for bed. We went to find out seats but people had passed out across them so we looked for places that were open. I was just about asleep when I was woken up by some Japanese girl poking me rudely and yelling at me that it was her seat. This angered me to say the least! Anyways, we ended up sleeping on the floor in the corner.

So 1 bus, 1 train, 1 ferry (16 hours), 2 more trains and a metro ride later... we made it to Greece. It was later Sunday night by this point, we were dirty, we were hungry and we were tired. There is an Applebees very near to our hostel so we thought we would just go there. It was familiar and we didnt have to think about what the menu said. I normally don't like Applebees in the states and I should have stuck with my feeling on that. They served Kathleen raw chicken and the food was pretty bad even besides that. We did end up getting half off the bill though! Our hostel is pretty nice here and there has only been another person in our room the first night so far. (We had the place to ourselves last night and probly tonight too!!)

Yesterday, Monday - our first full day in Athens - we did some sight seeing. We walked up to the Acropolis and saw some of the sights in that area. It was pretty and had a great view of the entire city. We walked around for awhile before heading back to the hostel. Last night we met up with Kathleen's friend, Savvas, (from college) who now lives here with his family. We got some coffee and he showed us some of the sights we hadnt seen yet.

Today we didnt do too much. We made our way to the port this morning with intentions of going to one of the Greek islands for the day, but the ferry workers were on strike - go figure! So no island for us today. It has been really hot here, so we have actually gotten to wear "new" clothes, in that we wore shorts and tank tops that we havent been able to wear yet! We ended up going to a couple stores and stocking up on shampoo, face wash and those type of things for Africa. Later we went back to the hostel, grabbed our books and headed up to the roof to lay in the sun and read. Our hostel has a great view of the city and the Acropolis, so it was a really nice place to lay out and relax.

Tomorrow we are going to try to go to one of the islands again (apparently the strike was only for today... but I guess we will find out for sure tomorrow). Then we need to get our stuff packed up before meeting up and going out with Savvas at night.

We leave for Egypt early Thursday morning! So excited!!!!

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