A little before noon on Thursday 10/16 we grabbed some gyros at Zorbas and boarded the ferry for the island of Santorini via Naxos.

As we approached Santorini it was like no place I had seen before. Huge mountainous rocks jutted out of the water and I could just barel make out cities of white that appeared to snow.

Santorini was surrounded by smaller islands, some inhabited, and a huge volcano, Nea Kameni. It is believed that the island of Santorini may be the site of the lost city of Atlantis.

I began to explore the island by myself immediately. I was absolutely amazedat the views that were in front of our hotel and just around the corner. That night we ate at Zafora. I had a decent dish of seafood pasta.

Friday Mom and I decided to by pass the bus tour. We walked along the waterfront path, hundreds of feet above the Aegean, through the shops and town of Fira. We then walked all the steps down to the Old Port. There we stopped for fried calamari, cucumber and tomato salad, and 2 well deserved beers. I made the mistake of getting caught in flip flops for this excursion. We then opted for a donkey ride back up the steps instead of the tram or our shaky legs.

That night we rented a sweet little red Peugot and set off for Oia, a city on the northern end of the island. Oia was my favorite city as it gave a little more room to roam amongst the shops and restaurants. It also provided some pretty amazing views. We found a great view from Kastpo restaurant and settled in for pre dinner dessert and coffee. Kastpo made a mean banana split, however the sunset disappointed us as it disappeared behind clouds prematurely.

We found Thalamis in Oia for dinner. After the predinner Mom and I split spicy cheese salad and some fresh shrimp.

Saturday I drove the Peugot to the highest point on Santorini, site of the Prphilis Ilias Monastary. Then to the prehistoric town of Alkoterio. After some hiking and around a corner I found Red Beach, which was beautiful red volcanic rock and quite secluded. It was calling me to hang out and read 'The Painted House' but had a couple of others to consider who were waiting in the car. From there it was off to the Southern tip of the island to see the lighthouse and a different view of the islands.

By then we had earned a trip to Santos Winery that offered a number of different wines and cheese, as well as, the best view in all of Santorini.

After a little buzz the Peugot winded its way to the East coastand the black beaches of Parissa. We had a nice lunch at Pepito's there before a rest in the room.

That night Mom and I went for a nice farewell dinnerat Lithos overlooking the volcano. We both got Red Snapper (they were out of grouper) and shared a bottle of Atlantis. The Snapper reminded me how much I liked it and how long it had been since I had caught and cooked fresh snapper from the gulf of mexico. The snapper was outdone by a homemade cheesecake that may have been the best I have ever had.

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