Monday morning we ferried 50 minutes from Mykonos to Paros. After checking into Hotel Asterias, right on the main drag and across from the sea, we rented a car in search of the best spot for what was shaping up to be a great sunset.

After driving along the Western coast of Paros about 20 minutes we happened upon the waterfront town of Aliki. Thd sun was beginning to set on top of the island of Antiparos, a 5 minute ferry ride across the Aegean from Paros. Aliki was a neat town full of fishing boats and beach front restaurants. It was the perfect spot to see a great sunset over one shoulder and the full moon coming into light over the other.

We then circled the island by car and were amazed at the island's beauty when lit by a bright full moon. We were led to a great Greek restaurant in Parikia named Hibiscus. All 3 of us ordered the recommended lamb and pototoes. The meat and potatoes were booked in tin foil over a brick oven and it was unbelievably good.

Tuesday (10/14(. Mom and I took the car to a few historical spots before exploring Naoussa along the coast. There were some great spots for pics along with shops and a bakery. Next stop was the inland town of Lefkes and on to a pottery/ceramics store along the roadside.

That night Mom and I made a picnic of local cheese, olives and red wine for a beach front sunset viewing.

Wednesday we started the day by exploring the church of 100 doors, Ekatondapliani. Then had a great lunch crepe full of ham, bacon, cheese, and peppers. After that I retired to the beach for a few hours before a run.

Then it was back to the beach for the 6:39 sunset and off to Emogio's for pizza.

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