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At last, pleasant weather has arrived! Thursday a cool front moved through giving us a beautiful cloudy, cool (70F), and wet day. It was a precursor of the Pacific Northwest in “09. I loved it! We didn’t need A/C on Thursday or yesterday, and only a little while on Friday. I even joined Lynda in morning walks the last two days through the adjoining Bentsen Palms RV Resort and to Bentsen Rio Grande State Park. This morning it was in the 50s and I even turned on the fireplace to take the chill off.

Besides the weather, the big news is that the DISH Saga may be over. Juan, a DISH Service person who was both personable and competent (I think!), came on Wednesday and installed the new receiver. So far it is working perfectly. Juan questioned the story about the old receiver being a problem but I decided to keep the new one and return the one made for two TVs. It kept doing weird things and our bedroom TV is not wired for satellite. Here’s hoping this will be the last time I write about DISH.

Now that we are settled in at Retama Village until December 1 when we move to Buckhorn Lake RV Resort in Kerrville near San Antonio, life is becoming pretty uneventful aka peaceful. Betty and Bill left Wednesday for their trip to Italy so visits to Harlingen will be curtailed for a while. Unlike Colorado, the Valley doesn’t possess scenic beauty or other sights of much interest to me. Consequently, we’ll largely stay close to home except for occasional medical/dental appointments. For me this will be great so I can catch up on some reading and do some serious writing.

Tomorrow I will begin the Introduction to “Legacy of Thought” my reflections on life. The idea for this book came to me over ten years ago when my ex-wife and I decided to go our separate ways and my son David was nearing the day he would go off to college and begin his own adult journey. At the time I realized that David and I never really discussed what I think I’ve learned over six (now seven) decades about important aspects of life (e.g. money, marriage, religion). I’m sure he has discerned more than I know. My original idea was to write these thoughts in the form of a letter to him so he will know me more intimately and be able refer to my beliefs after my life has ended.

I speak of these forthcoming musings as thoughts rather than learnings because learning implies fact or truth. I have often found that what I thought to be true proves to not be so at a later time or in a different context. Thoughts, therefore, reflect what I believe to be true at a point or period in time and reflect the limits of my experience. This should be another interesting and challenging journey for me. Wish me well!

Although the Rio Grande Valley area is not particularly scenic from my perspective Bentsen Palm Development is graced with a plethora of native plants and hordes of lovely butterflies. It is also said that the area is a “birders paradise” although we are not “birders.” Noted French psychiatrist Christophe Andre, who is also known as “Professor of Happiness,” includes in his Six Lessons for a Happier Life a lesson about our contact with nature – “Try to get in touch with nature every day. Take a walk in the park and spend a few minutes looking at nature.” Fortunately, Bentsen Palms and Bentsen Rio Grande State Park are wonderful venues to accomplish this.

If I have piqued your interest here are Christophe’s Six Lessons for a Happier Life:

1. Accept that there will be unpleasant things in life. All the time, every day, you’ll face hindrances: You’ll be too late or make a mistake or say something stupid. It’s the rent you pay to live in the house of life. It’s part of life. There’s no point in being disappointed when things don’t go your way.

2. Open your eyes and look around. There are more opportunities for happiness than you think, certainly for a Westerner in 2008. Embrace the moments. Try to remember them. Enjoy them

3. Take time out. The ability to pause, mentally as well as in your actions, is important. Taking breaks is a prerequisite for experiencing happiness.

4. Pay attention to your family and friends. Social ties are important for happiness. Don’t let a day go by without thinking of, or seeing, someone you love.

5. Try to get in touch with nature every day. Take a walk in the park and spend a few minutes looking at nature.

6. Express your gratitude and respect for the good things you experience. Being thankful makes you happy and increases the chance of social connection.

This is taken from an article in Ode magazine, one of our favorites. It provides short auricles on a wide range of topics about positive things going on in the world.

Unless something really significant arises I will write weekly blog entries for the foreseeable future.

Live your lives to the fullest!

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