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Yesterday was a fine day here. The sky was bright blue and the sun was warming the otherwise cool temperatures into the 70 degree range.

After our usual morning coffee, I was out and about. I made a Wal-Mart run to pick up a few groceries and some odds and ends we needed around here.

Not long after returning to the campground and getting things put away, Jennifer called and she was on the way into town. She wanted to attend the Folk life festival going on in town. I was invited but offered to remain behind and baby sit with Colby while the gals enjoyed some time together.

Once Marilyn & Jennifer left, I played with Colby, fed him, and had him down for a nap by the time the ladies returned. I wish I had taken pictures yesterday. That Colby could be in TV commercials. He is so handsome! OK, I admit to being biased. :)

When Marilyn & Jennifer returned, they brought sandwiches and some kettle corn with them. I am a sucker for kettle corn and I enjoyed that for sure.

The girls were not finished. They decided to go on to Quincy, Il to take care of some shopping they were unable to accomplish the other day.

This time they took Colby along and left me here to watch "Band of Brothers" all day, on the History Channel.

I forgot to mention that we had a phone call from our friends, Gordon & Juanita, who are in Moab, Utah. They will be staying at Mountaindale, CO, where Marilyn & I stayed during the summer, and they will be our next door neighbor in the Rio Grande Valley.

Last evening, Marilyn & I watched a movie on TV. "Made of Honor" was a cute movie and enjoyable to watch.

Well, Marilyn just placed coffee in front of me and we have to get going, to meet Jennifer and pick up Colby for the day.

Maybe we'll get some pictures taken today.

Yesterday was a good day and we just can't wait to what adventures this day has in store.....

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