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On Thursday (yesterday) we hung around the hostel until it was time to catch the bus to Candela to meet up with Domenico. When we got to his house we helped feed all the animals. There are a bunch of sheep, chickens a horse and a baby cow (which I later learned would be killed to eat) so sad! Kathleen helped feed the horse, I mixed up the milk for the baby cow and we both helped with the sheep. Domenico said we can ride the horse later, but we aren’t so sure because she is kind or crazy. She got mad when he tied her up to the side of the stable and yanked her head so hard the rope broke. Not sure I want to ride her! Later on she he showed us around the center of town. We bought lotto tickets since the jackpot is over 100 million euro and all dreamed of being rich. He cooked us a great dinner. We ate, drank and he showed us lots of pictures from when he was in NY and from a play (The Passion of the Christ) that he performed in his town.

Today has been an interesting day so far. Domenico… we’ve decided, is the mayor of Candela. No matter where we go, everyone knows him and cant wait to talk with him. He showed us where his Aunt Lina (my parents neighbor) grew up and walked us to the top of the town to see a view of the countryside. Once we got back to his house he made us lunch, which was really good but I’m not really sure what it was that we ate. He kept telling us the meats were horse and donkey but we don’t know if we believe him or not. His friend just laughed when we asked him… hmmm… maybe I don’t want to know. After lunch I had to round up the chickens and get them back in their little area. I did pretty good, except for one – eventually I got it to go where it was supposed to but not before I screamed a couple times and ran after it for awhile. Right now he is off taking care of something with the tractor. I guess we get to drive the tractor later and then its time for the horse! Yikes! While he was gone a guy showed up with 2 bags of dead chickens and handed them to us. Kathleen and I have no idea what is going on… but really, do we ever?? Ahh…. Domenico just got back and I guess it isn’t chickens in the bag – its rabbits!

More to come later… if we survive the tractor/horse/whatever we are eating today!

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