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Our first night in Naples (Monday, Oct 14) since they actually had American TV programs in English we spent most of the night vegging out on the couches, since this is something we haven’t done much of in awhile.

The next day, (Tuesday) our first full day in Naples, we slept in and then got up and walked around part of the city. I guess Naples in traditional in that they siestas everyday between 2 and 4ish, so pretty much nothing was open wherever we went. We walked down to the waterfront, took a few pictures and headed back to watch Sex in the City at 3. That night Kathleen and I made dinner and then both got our hair trimmed since there was a girl (Tricia) that cut hair at our hostel. The family that works at the hostel is so nice, and a lot of the people staying there actually live there regularly. It was a very family-like atmosphere.

On Wednesday, me, Kathleen and a girl from New Zealand (Ginny) went to Pompei. It was about a 40 minute train ride and we stayed there for a few hours. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be and was pretty interesting to see all the ruins of this old city. There were casts made of bodies they had found, including one of a dog and it was amazing that you could actually see the facial expressions of the people. On the train ride back this annoying Italian guy would not leave us alone. He kept telling me how he was normal and that he wasn’t a killer – (since that’s obviously what normal people go around saying). Ginny was very blunt with him and told him to go away and stop bothering us, but he just persisted. In the end he grabbed Kathleen in the butt and then flicked us off and yelled as we got off the train. That night Kathleen went out with a couple girls we met at the hostel and I stayed in with a couple other girls. From what I hear Kathleen had a fun night and earned an apron by serving pizza at some restaurant.

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