Look at the size of this tree

Old Salts Market & Deli

Harbor area near Washington Park

Ollie enjoying Washington Park Beach

Jelly Fish

Odd tree growing out over the water, one of the stops on...

Another view

Another stop on the loop, what a view!

Jerry in front of another odd tree

Another great view on the scenic loop, Washington Park

A young black tail deer

One of the campsites at Washington Park

A peacock shaped tree in this beautiful yard

Home called "Gull Cottage"

Our next stop was Deception Pass State Park

A beautiful beach

West Beach Deception Pass

We enjoyed this beach much!!

Look at all the pretty rocks

Lots of beautiful waves

Next stop was Cranberry Lake

Great place for a picnic

A huge lake with a fishing dock

Jerry checking out the dock

The dock to the right

Back to our campsite at Pioneer Trail, look at our huge site...

One of the many Junco's at our site

Today we visited one of the most popular parks in Anacortes called Washington Park. Washington Park sits on a peninsula at the west end of Fidalgo Island. The 220-acre city park features camping, a boat launch, and day use picnic sites. A scenic 2.2-mile loop road winds through the park’s forested hills and meadows with views of the San Juan Islands and Olympic Mountains. The loop was a fantastic drive partly along the water and the rest was deep in the forest. We saw several rabbits, a black tailed deer and tons of birds. The deer appeared to be a baby or very young one. He had little bumps where his antlers were about to grow. :-) We sat and watched him graze in the grass for some time and he was not bothered by us at all.

Some of the views around the loop were outstanding. One was called the Leaning Tree. It is a much photographed Douglas Fir growing horizontally over the beach. The Loop had pull-offs all around it with parking areas to stop and view the awesome scenery and benches to sit and relax. We loved the park and would highly recommend it.

Our next stop was Deception Pass State Park where we visited a fantastic beach called West Beach. The rocks on this beach were awesome with every color of the rainbow. The waves were hitting against the huge rocks in the water and some of the waves were high and fast. We learned not to get too close or get wet. :-) This is yet another great place to visit in this awesome town. Just down the road from the beach was a huge lake called Cranberry Lake. They had a huge dock for fishing and the water was clear. We have thoroughly enjoyed this town and will most likely be back.

We still have a few places to see before out departure on Sunday. More later from Washington.

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