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Show Pig Condo

Show Pig Apartment Complex

Show Pigs?

We headed south on our two day trip back to Austin. We tried to make it more than halfway home the first day so we could arrive back in Austin at a reasonable hour. I know that sounds like a joke but that was the plan.

We over-nighted in Plainview Texas. We found a place in the AAA book that seemed reasonable and headed for it at around 10PM. It turns out that it was a municipal park next to an “Event Center” on the edge of town. When we arrived, we only saw two campers but we did see many many stock trailers ….parked right under and next to the signs that said no stock trailer parking. Go figure! Well we didn’t care, we were tired and found a slot to ease our camper into. After setting it up, we settled in for our last night camping on the road. A nice relaxing repose before our trip back to Austin.


The first thing we had to deal with was pigs, yes pigs. Apparently there was a pig convention going on and that was what was in all of the stock trailers. Of course all of the owners were staying in nice cozy motels instead of camping with their prized “Show” pigs. The squealing of the pigs wasn’t so bad. It was the banging around in their aluminum trailers (are these really pig campers?).

Finally, we were able to doze off only to be wakened by some loud somewhat inebriated cowboys or maybe it was pigboys! They finally found their way out of the park but once again we were deterred from sleep, this time by a choo choo who’s track we had failed to notice when we parked. It seemed to go through our camper. Now that we were awake again, it was back to pigs dancing in their aluminum “campers”.

Yes sleeping was fruitless, and now it was starting to get light and all of the “well rested” pig farmers were trickling back in to check on their “Show Pigs” and to take them into the big barn like thing squealing all the way.

As we stumbled out of our mobile castle we noticed another oddity; our neighbors across the street were all wearing orange jump suits. Very strange indeed! Then……we noticed the sign…”County Jail.” OooooKay. I guess we won’t be going over and introducing ourselves.

We seriously considered going into the big barn like thing and checking out the pig show. Not withstanding the fact that we were dead tired, the curiosity was overwhelming us. Where else could we get this kind of “cultural” experience. But……The pull of home was too great so we packed up and lit out for home.

Next stop! The rat race!

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