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Yesterday I wrote about how the day was going, as much as I wrote about the previous day. The Grrrr factor continued after I got back to the campground. I just was not having a good day. It is all relative however, as a bad day in retirement is still so much better than the best day at work! Thank you, Harold, for that bit of information. I remember it well, my friend. :)

Back at the cave, I was scheduled to give a tour at 1:30 PM, so I dressed for it and walked over to the guide lounge to wait. I had the lanterns ready, had the key and radio in my jacket pocket, and was all ready to go. The time for the tour came and went with no people showing up, so I put things away and walked back to the RV. Jennifer & Colby were here and I could have some quality time playing with Colby and visiting with Jen. I changed back into my "civilian" clothing, and had just laid down on the bed with Colby, who was supposed to take a nap. There was a knock on the door. Oh, oh! Yep, the people had arrived for the tour, which was now scheduled for 2:00 PM. That was the final Grrrr.. moment of my day. Only nine minutes to get dressed in my "cave suit", so I got busy.

When I arrived back at the ticket counter area, there were eight people ready to go. An older couple, heavy smokers, who were mother and son, probably mid 50 to mid 70's, and six people from India. We were soon on our way up the hill. The older folks were quite slow, breathing heavily, and we had to wait for them once we arrived at the entrance to the cave. I was concerned about them and kept an eye on them throughout the tour.

As the tour began, the older folks asked me several times to slow down, even though I had myself in the "creep along" mode.

Everyone, including the older folks, had a good time, and expressed appreciation to me for the tour. I was just glad they had all made it ok.

I soon had things put away and was back at the RV with Marilyn, Jen and Colby.

I played with Colby until Jen had to leave. We invited her to stay for dinner but she wanted to have dinner with Steve so she left around 6:00 PM.

Marilyn & I ate whatever we could find, deciding to wait until today to enjoy the mashed potatoes, chicken & noodles, etc, which Marilyn had planned for dinner.

We watched a rodeo cowboy movie we had not seen before, called "8 Seconds", a true story of a bull rider, who became world champion and was killed by a bull at a young age.

Way back in a previous life, when I worked for NASA at Goddard Space Center, I had a guy working for me, who had been a bull rider, and that is one tough way to earn a living. Those guys certainly have my respect!

After the movie, we watched the end of the debates, then went to bed to read for a bit.

The temperature outside had begun to cool off before we went to bed so we turned the heat pump on. It feels like autumn for sure!

Yesterday, I made a "to do" list of things we need to do before leaving here next month. Jennifer has given her schedule to us, so now we can begin to finalize things. I have some phone calls to make today, to contact friends and relatives about dates that we can get together for a meal and a visit.

We will soon be ready to roll! Heading south! Texas bound! We are ready for some new scenery, warm sunshine, smiling faces of friends we haven't seen for awhile, balmy breezes, and the laid back life of a full-time RVer once again.

So yesterday turned out to be an ok day. Not great but ok!

Now we just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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