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Look...the motorhome matches the Willow Tree reception office. We can pretend this...

Is that a hint of red in the trees on I-26 in...

The view from the front window.

And another.

The wide view of our view. Look at the amazing colors contrasting...

The Tox "skyline" from the top of the RV resort.

I think that tree is on fire!

A pretty pair.

We awoke early this morning to make an early start for Lake Toxaway NC and, specifically, the Blue Ridge Mountains RV Resort. You know from our prior blog that we stayed there for 11 nights last August. Tox, as we refer to it, is one of our favorite places. On the morning we left Willow Tree, the sun was finally shining (wouldn't you know it)! We took a goodbye photo of the motorhome in front of the reception/office building as we hooked up the tow. (The building is so pretty it looks like a home.) Then we were off on SC Highway 905 south to US-22 west, through Florence SC, where we picked up I-20 west to Columbia SC, then I-26 west (really north) through Spartanburg SC before crossing into NC at Tryon, finally exiting the interstate in Fletcher NC at the Asheville Airport (the airport is really located a good few miles south of the city of Asheville) to grab smaller roads west through Mills River and Brevard NC into Tox.

As we drove through Spartanburg, we passed a 2006 Allegro Bus, like ours but with a silver-and-black paint scheme, complete with tow car, broken down on the side of the road. Doesn't really inspire confidence in your motorhome selection. As I discussed in our prior blog, Rob has cultivated virtual (and sometimes also face-to-face) friendships with other motorhome enthusiasts who own the same or similar type Allegro Bus that we drive. We knew that a friend, username: "Here's Lucy"--we call her Lucy for short, but that is not her name...we don't know who her username refers to--was also heading up to SC and NC, and we had a strange feeling it might be her. What are the odds? But it was! Rob contacted her via the net later that evening, and she advised that they had a blowout of one of their front tires. Her husband was able to control the motorhome and bring it to rest on the shoulder of the road. They called Coachnet, which is RV roadside assistance, to change that tire and the the other front tire as well. With RV tires, it is strongly recommended that you change "matching tires" in pairs. You also get new tires on the spot. No such thing as a spare! Then they visited the Freightliner service facility in Gaffney SC to make sure there was no damage to their motorhome from the shredding of the tire. We understand they never made it to NC. What a shame.

On a lighter note, as we headed north past Spartanburg, we noted that some of the leaves were starting to turn golden and red. Did we hit the week right? Would we see the pretty colors we were after? We have never traveled north in the fall. Neither Rob nor I have ever seen the leaves change color in the fall. (Poor deprived Floridians!)

We had to drive that seven-mile stretch of stomach-clenching, twisting and turning, climbing and diving mountain road. Gut-check time, especially with the sun dappling through the tree cover. We find that if you wear sunglasses, it is virtually impossible for your eyes to make the transition from sunny road to shady road. Better to squint, for at least you can see that way. But when we could focus for a short moment or two on the trees and shrubs instead of the road, we saw that fall had indeed arrived. If it was like this at 2500 feet, what would it be like 6000 feet high on the Blue Ridge Parkway? We became very excited. Finally, with Rob's capable piloting, we and the motorhome arrived unscathed at the RV resort at about 3 p.m.

As we parked the motorhome, we saw that the fall colors had made it to the stand of trees right out our front window. I have attached photos of our motorhome in the site, illustrating the parade of color we had the good fortune to enjoy without taking even one step. Actually, we did NEED to take a few steps. We and the boys (after their dinner of course) were ready to take a long walk as the sun hung low on the cloudless, autumn sky. I have attached some photos of the trees around the RV resort. They looked like they would burst into flames at any moment, as they shimmered under brilliant honey-gold of the setting sun and danced upon the cool, wafting breeze. As the sun finally fell behind the horizon, the temperature dropped sharply and considerably, and we found our shorts and short sleeves to be ridiculously inadequate in warding off the evening chill. We retreated to the motorhome, promptly turned on the heat, and settled down to enjoy the rest of the evening.

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