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Inscriptions by 7th/8th Century Tibetan Rulers

Inscriptions + Landowner & Tim

Landowner, Cousin, & Son by Inscription Rock

Friendly Ismaili Plucking Chickens on Way to Rock

Polo Practice

Polo Practice

Polo Practice

Polo Practice, the Chase for the Ball

Polo Practice, the Chase for the Ball (See White Spot, Just Below...

Polo Practice, Great Action Shot

Polo Practice, "There it goes!"

Polo Over the Horse Backward Shot(See Rider at Far Lt)

The Ball is Under Your Horse!

I See It!

Get Your Horse's Foot Off It!

Okay Let's Get Serious Now!

Weather is variable...heavy rain overnite...we decide to press on to Gilgit. I went out at 8 to see about transport and streets were empty. We asked the owner and he said bus would leave in about an hour so we ordered breakfast...15 min later the driver came and said he was ready, we stuffed our faces and left w/o tea! Arr in Gilgit at 10:30(I found out later that Gilgit was on 'old time' ie not daylite savings, so it was really 7 when I went out, ha), a trip of just over an hour to Madina Guesthouse. Ralph was here and later Andy & Tracy road their bikes in...we had a rousing game of Up, spent too much time on a sloooow internet, but ate a good dinner!


Slow morning - last debate, lots of discussion here among friends as to what will happen re: elections. Then out into the streets, it is very different Muslim town, very conservative, mostly men out and about the few women are fully covered for the most part some do not cover their faces. More stern faces, altho some are friendly and respond when greeted.

Went to Dainyor across the Gilgit River for a last injection of Ismaili hospitality/friendliness, it is the last town going S. w/ Ismaili presence. Getting there crossing a 100+ yr old, one way suspension bridge immed followed by a tunnel we got stuck on the bridge! Some 'dumb' motorcyclists had started across and were having trouble turning their bikes around thus blocking traffic in the middle of the bridge! We discovered later that they were Michael & Suzanne, ha!!! Not so dumb, they were not stopped on the other side of the tunnel so assumed all was ok!

Went to see a rock just out of Dainyor w/ Sanskrit inscriptions carved into it by 7th and 8th century Tibetan rulers. Interesting to enter the private compound(where the stone was located) & see how the families have it organized, drying corn stalks, onions in trees, etc. All in the area seemed to be related as per usual we have found.


Andy & Tracy leave going S. on bicycles, Ralph left yesterday on a trek, only Michael & Suzanne remain...we just settle in w/ slooow internet, and later go to see polo practice hopefully!

Saw polo practice...really neat, see pics when up. Arranged for trip to Fairy Meadows...

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