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View from dining room

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 Davenport, New York – Beaver Spring Lake Campground

This was a FULL day of driving, at least for us and in comparison to what we have been doing. This was a just under 300 mile day! It is now 7:30pm. We are parked, set up, have eaten dinner, cleaned the kitchen, and are now trying to decide where we go from here.

Once again, we have driven through some magnificent scenery and witnessed the clouds, winds, sunshine, and now rain. We have driven all the way through Vermont. Don’t be too impressed as it was only 40 miles from border to border at the southern end of the state. We are now southwest of Albany, New York by about 70 miles just to the east of I-88. By the way, it is about 73 degrees at this time! It is almost summer-like…we are definitely not complaining, just commenting.

We left our campground this morning around 9:45 and just chugged along enjoying the sights and the feel of Fall in the air. The tourist season is definitely finished as there were so many businesses “closed till May 2009”. That is just a really strange sight to see for some reason.

We were hoping to be at a campground tonight with WiFi, but it doesn’t look like that is happening unless Chuck walks down to the office area in the rain and pitch dark. And even then, we may not be able to sign on to the network. We shall see. I have been trying to faithfully post this journal each night, but he has not been able to download our photos and add that little touch to each day’s entry. Nor, have we been able to get it out over the “waves”. We have been able to “log on” during some afternoons as we sat in the truck parked across the streets from various libraries in little towns, but only to get caught up on email. And, our cell phone coverage has been really poor and quite spotty as we have traveled along the highways and byways up this way. What in the world did we used to do before all this technology? We wrote post cards and used ball point pens and stamps!

We are really beginning to miss our family and are realizing again how very precious those relationships with them and the grandchildren are. I think all 4 of them will be so much more grown up when we see them again. And if I don’t stop eating M&M’s as we drive along, those little precious children won’t recognize their Gran! I miss my daily dose of Curves!

We will see where tomorrow takes us…it is as much a surprise for us as it is for anyone reading this journal! Night all.

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