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Japanese garden

Red bridge

The Portuguese Connection

We ended up flying back to Buenos Aires after reaching the bottom of the continent. We worked out it would take 3 days to travel by bus and it would cost about the same so flying was definitely the better option. We flew out just before sunset and got to see Tierra del Fuego from above which was spectacular.

After landing in B.A. we went back to the same hostel we had stayed in before. The next day we organised a week long intensive Spanish course, about 5-6 hrs per day. It was a long busy week but it helped to clear up a lot of the grammar and we both improved our Spanish a lot. After finishing the course we stayed a few extra days to enjoy the sites of the city, wandering through the markets and visiting the Japanese and botanic gardens.

We met a lot of really nice people staying at our hostel. We couldn't believe how much we had in common with people from the other side of the world. There were two classic guys we met from Portugal- Bruno & Ricardo who we spent a lot of time chatting with. One day we are going to have people from all over the world lob up to stay with us in Australia- we have met so many awesome people it has made the world seem a smaller place.

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