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Well 30 days on the water, reminds me of a song. It has been an interesting trip so far, with relaxation and serious undertakens. One other fellow Canadian sailing comrad we met on the way several times put it like this "feels like ive been on a tread mill for 15 days"

We motor/sailed down the hudson river and right past the statue of liberty in NY, no reason to stop there $$$. Crossed the NY harbor and spent a couple of days relaxing and repairing thing at Sandy Hook NJ. Then it was out into the great Atlanyic ocean headed for Atlantic City, didn't make it. stopped for the night at a nice small port? and continued on our way the next day. Spent two days in Atlantic City, walked the board walk, ate for two hrs at the buffet at the showboat Casino, it was coupon night two for one. Blew a few bucks the next night at HARRAHS all the time anchored in the main bay and traveling by dingy. Anchoring is free and a wat of life, kindy like when I lived in the bus and wood burning was a fact of life. We made it to CAPE May and spent a day. Everyone says the delaware bay can be a night mare. It was a breeze, a light one. We made the 56 mile trip up the delaware and and anchored behind a small island just south of the CD canal. That morning I decided to check on the engine fresh water cooling system that I had been having troubles with. After a closer inspection I discovered that the leak was coming from the water pump. Good thing I remembered the previous owner )David) pointed out the new spair water pump. Studied the manual and replaced it. A little delay but we mad it through the canal and into the top of the Chesapeak and headed 13 miles out of our way north? to a small town called Havre de grace. Anchored of coarse and dingied into town. The next day we were going to stay put, but after some grocery shopping at the SAVE-A-LOT we decided to make a run for Annapolis and the last day of the boat show, we made it just at sun down. In the morning we took a dingy trip up the back river to check out the anchoredge there which was to dificult the night before. Stopped at a friends boat for a beer and returned back to ours to draw up the anchor and move into this amazing marina basin where we could anchor in the middle of 100dreds of beutiful boats and walk to the boat show 5 minutes away, Off to the boat show with a shopping list that did not get scratched. But returned happy sailors with two folding bikes and a sailright sewing machine. thats right a sewing machine that I wanted,

We will spend a few days here riding our bikes, buying material to repair and upkeep the cockpit encloser and yes Repair the windless that pooched out on us, Thank god I remembered where "David" said the manual opperation bar was, hum scratch my head, it had to be somewere that made sense? ah yes the cocpit locker.

I am trying to make the map thing work and will add photos once I download the software for the camara that I lost, NEVER CLEAN OUT YOUR COMPUTOR LOL


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