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The last few days havent been as busy as our first days in Rome. On Friday, we went to the Colosseum and took a guided tour. The tour guide was pretty boring and I think she showed us more from her little history book than she pointed out in the actual Colosseum... but at least we got to skip the long line! The Colosseum itself was amazing. Crazy to think that such a thing was built without the use of machines or anything. Along with the tour we were also given another tour along with it of Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. That tour guide was more interesting. Since we had such a long few days before that we ended up going to bed pretty early. As it turns out that everyone in our room was feeling the same way.

Saturday, we didnt too much else either. We ended up doing some laundry - actually the place just let you drop it off and they did it for you and gave you free internet while you waited. Not a bad deal. We just lounged around most of the day, but that night met up with Julianna (one of the girls we went to Blarney Castle with when we were in Ireland). She teaches in Rome so she met up with us at the train station and we went out with her friends for dinner and to a couple bars later on. One of the bars was playing such a weird selection of music (I dont know why I am surprised at this point) I guess its just been awhile (if ever) that I heard tons of guys singing along to Backstreet Boys and the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack. We had a lot of fun that night and got home really late. I think I finally went to bed around 7am.

Suprisingly we didnt sleep in too much the next day. Kathleen ended up going to the beach while I went to the gardens and park near the Vatican. I just hung out, read for awhile and walked around a lot. That night we went back to the restuarant that we actually had good food at. Today we took a train to Naples. We havent done anything really since we got here but we really like our hostel and they actually have TV in English. Its been nice to just veg out on the couch a bit. I'll update more in a couple days once we have actually ventured out and explored the city. Until then... ciao!

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