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Day 180 Thursday 9th October Monroe MI page 51 T12

It’s remarkable to see such a complete turnaround in the weather from yesterday’s dreary, heavy rain weather. This morning we started off with thick fog, but once that burnt away we had brilliant sunshine with not a cloud in the sky.

Our drive through the Mohican Memorial State Park was a delight with the sun filtering through the dense forest and the autumn leaves. We stopped for morning tea beside a lovely creek and picnic area; the rays of the sun streaming through the leaves against a backdrop of dark green pines, plus a modern covered bridge made to look old thrown in for good measure, the bridge was made from steel, not wooden like most of the others we’ve seen. You might say a spot made just for photographers.

On our drive east we saw all the corn crops looking very green and healthy in the fields. Now on our westward journey the corn is brown in colour and very dried off. The farmers are filling their silo’s – they are harvesting the dried corn, separating the corn cobs, with the remainder of the corn stork being cut for animal fodder for the winter season which is just around the corner.

There is farming land all around us mostly undulating with miles of the dried corn, and cattle to keep the dairy farms going. They have such big milking sheds, barns, some of the barns are so big they look like they are aircraft hangers, but I realise the size of them allows the farmers to store their equipment, and possibly animals inside during harsh winters if needed. Most farms then have 2-3 silo’s and also loads of farming equipment outside.

Besides travelling on the secondary roads today, we also hit the I75 late in the day and headed out of Ohio, we are now in Michigan between Toledo and Detroit on the coast (of the Great Lakes) in a small town called Monroe. We had a look at the State Park down by the water, very nice, but with full hook-up services they were asking almost $40. Let’s just say, that Uncle Wally’s car park is doing the job just fine at the moment. Tomorrow we will be catching up with Gus and Jan that should be fun.

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