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The Vatican from above

We arrived in Rome on Tuesday and have been going non-stop since. The first day we arrived we walked around to a few places near our hostel and saw the Coloseam (sp?). That night Kathleen went out with her Australian guy, while I ate the free pasta at the hostel, went to the call center, talked to David and then went back a read til I feel to sleep.

On Wednesday, we got up really early and met up with the Canadian girls (Chera & Andrea) and their new friend Andre, to head over to the Vatican. On Wednesdays the pope speaks, so we got to see him and his pope mobile - he actually drove right in front of us so I got some good pics. We listened for a little bit, but since we couldnt understand anything and it was getting so hot and crowded we left to go inside the Vatican and see all the art and the Sistine Chapel. I didnt realize how huge the Vatican is. We hardly saw any of it, but we walked through a couple parts for a couple hours. After all that walking we took a short break to get lunch before heading to St. Peter's Basillica. It was really pretty inside (and really crowded). The other pope's body is on display there, which I found to be pretty strange (I guess our Oktoberfest theory was wrong!). After walking around the inside for awhile we decided to walk up the 500 something stairs to the top of the dome. It was a really pretty view of all of Rome. After that we were all pretty tired and headed back to our hostels for a nap before the pub crawl.

The pub crawl was really fun. I hung out with Andrea & Chera most of the night since Kathleen was with her man again. The crawl started with an hour walking tour of pretty places to see at night in Rome. We went to Trevi fountain and it was really pretty. The pub crawl only brought you to 3 different bars, so we decided to get some beers for the tour part while we were walking. McDonalds conveniently not only has bathrooms but also sells beer. We ordered 4 McBeers to go, and found ourselves hilarious, but I'm pretty sure our humor was lost on the lady working there. We also got some fries to go with our McBeers, until they got McFouled all over the street. So sad! One of the bartenders at one of the bars we went to kept giving Andrea and I "sexy wine for sexy ladies" it was really good and really free, so we didnt mind! Another place was kinda funny too. There was this dj that was really into his turn-tables, yet all he kept playing was BonJovi and Brain Adams... not a really mix-master! Overall it was a fun night. I didnt end up getting back to the hostel until about 3:30am.

Today was a fun day as well. We got to sleep in a bit, which was much needed after all the walking we did the day before. We met up with Andrea and Chera again to go biking down the Appian Way and to the catacombs (sp?). The biking was a lot of fun but it was rough riding for awhile. They gave us bikes with street tires to basically go off roading with... that was not so easy. The Appian Way is the old highway that the Romans used to use. There are burial sights and ruins all along and had beautiful scenery wherever you looked. We biked for about 2 hours, got some really bad lazagna and then headed off to the catacombs. At the catacombs is where Saints Peter and Paul used to be buried and where Saint Sabastion (sp?) still is. It was really neat walking through all the old tombs. They go back about 2000 years. It was crazy how well preserved it all is. I guess it is the oldest tomb in Rome. They also have what is said to be the foot prints of Christ. After another full day of walking and biking we headed back to our hostels to get cleaned up before meeting up for dinner (finally some GREAT Italian food) and then Andrea and I went to the movies to see Mama Mia. (Im really excited for Greece now!)

Andrea and Chera leave tomorrow, but they might be in Naples the same time we are and Thailand too... so hopefully we will see them again along the way. We still have a few more days in Rome and still have so much more to see. I think we are planning on touring the Coloseum tomorrow (after I sleep in a bit). More to come from Rome!

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